Should students be allowed to listen to music during class-time?

Posted by: Flint489

Should students be allowed (pro) or disallowed (con) to listen to music of their choice during school hours? This would consist of elementary through high school public schools.

  • They should be allowed to listen to music.

  • They should NOT be allowed to listen to music.

68% 13 votes
32% 6 votes
  • As long as it doesn't interrupt other students and isn't during a lecture of sorts, I don't see any reason why not as long as it's during individual work.

  • Yes we should be allowed to, the school I go to we can, everyone shuts up and does there work with no problem, distraction or anything at all and this is not like masturbating in class because if you masturbated In class that's illegal and you would be prosecuted for indecent exposure so is listening to music exactly like masturbating now?

  • WTF??? This is kinda like asking "Should students be allowed to masturbate during class time.Leave a comment (optional)

  • Listening to music is a luxury meant to be kept away from the learning, listening to music during a class promotes disobedience, anti socialism and privilege over the unprivileged who may not have such a luxury. Schools are for learning, not ignoring.

    Posted by: KwLm
  • No, Because if students do listen to music during class they will get used to it and even work better with music, And even though this doesn't seem like a problem when it comes to standardized testing it is. On standardized tests students are not able to use their phones or any outside electronics, When the student has to sit in a quiet room to take the test they won't be used to it and could get distracted by little sounds easily, Or even just not work to the best of their abilities since they are not used to having to work in a secluded environment. Plus, I think that a listening to music during class will cause the students to be distracted and not pay attention to lessons or work on work to the best of their abilities.

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ozu says2017-07-11T23:50:54.9359003Z
@KwLm I'd disobey you any day.
KwLm says2017-07-15T07:32:28.0142562Z
@OZU, Good for you?
almightydayon says2018-01-22T18:23:25.2408517Z
I believe some students should because it's like cleaning up your house you music helps you move faster and concentrate more and keeps you focused

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