Should students be allowed to listen to music during class-time?

Posted by: Flint489

Should students be allowed (pro) or disallowed (con) to listen to music of their choice during school hours? This would consist of elementary through high school public schools.

Poll closed on 1/1/2018 at 1:00AM.
  • They should be allowed to listen to music.

  • They should NOT be allowed to listen to music.

68% 19 votes
32% 9 votes
  • i am kind of in the middle with this one. it is okay for students to listen to calm music, which i believe is not distracting, but not music that is too violent or fast, because i believe that that is distracting

  • Yes. Music calms them down and makes them less talkative. Not to mention it can improve their mood too. They can take their headphones out when the teacher needs to speak.

    Posted by: hesif
  • YES! Not everybody is listening to Lil' Uzi Vert trying to get high or explain how many women he has.

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hotsauce2910 says2017-05-22T07:30:48.6274863Z
It depends. Do you mean during independent work/study time, or just anytime?
Flint489 says2017-05-22T14:55:33.7733355Z
I mean during the time that the teacher is not a teacher, so I guess you classify that as work/study time.
ug34 says2017-07-03T03:10:10.8896806Z
The obvious answer is yes, and I disagree that it should be calming music as studies have shown listening to metal and hard rock is better for a student than listening to classical as it helps reduce stress.

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