Should Students Be Required To Wear Uniforms To School?

Posted by: Happyfaceemoji

Poll closed on 9/1/2016 at 12:00AM.
  • Yes, students should be required to wear uniforms

  • No, students should NOT be required to wear uniforms

24% 8 votes
76% 25 votes
  • students aren't very forced into being institutionalized for their education. that alone makes this a good choice without the ability of personality

  • When I was younger, I went to school with a kid who literally lived under a bridge with his family. Everyone bullied him because his clothes were either super small and dirty or hand me downs from his brother which were also super dirty. to change the bullying problem the school decide to use uniforms to hide wealth or people who couldn't afford nice things

    Posted by: 7245
  • Evil little bastards should be in chains, too.

  • Students are already forced into institutionalized 'education'. That alone is repulsive enough, without adding the physical stripping of personality to the mix.

  • No.. I go to a boarding school. And every kid complains about how uncomfortable they are during the day!

  • I think school uniforms are ridiculous and unneccessary. I really dont think it decreases chances that a child will be picked on. Kids will find any way to pick on someone...race, size, the type of shoes they have on, the way their hair is, if the kid has acne or not etc etc etc. I think school uniforms hender a child from expressing their individualty. And besides it's a big waste of money. Now parents have to buy school uniforms AND clothes to wear outside of school? Nonsense.

  • Waste of time and money.

  • Letting children wear what they want to school let's them be individual from each other and gives them personality. I know people who went to private schools and they hated what they had to wear. They ripped their clothes a lot from being outside and I would always see their mother get stressed about having to buy a new uniform.

  • Personally, I believe that students should have the option to pick it or not, and also, most students express themselves through clothes, or to honor someone through clothes, for an example wearing black for a late grandmother.

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