Should students get homework on the first day of school?

Posted by: Joey888

  • Yes. Homework is good.

  • No. We just got back from vacation.

28% 7 votes
72% 18 votes
  • Sure.

    Posted by: Foxian
  • How many weeks were you not in a classroom having to learn anything? What's next, no homework before the weekend, or before a 4 day holiday, or when it will interfere with playing video games or socializing with your friends?

  • Provides students heads up on what is coming up.

  • Homework is a necessary factor in school education, which can promote and achieve learning outside of the academic environment. It can also show teachers the level of work attainable by the pupil in the early stages of their educational development upon return to school (presuming that the pupil is either starting a new year in school or starting a higher level school all together).

  • Add cold water to heated glass, the glass will crack the glass needs to be cooled slowly similarly when we go to school after a vacation, we expect the speed of education to increase slowly

  • At least allow students to breathe a little bit! After all, everyone gets tired on the first day so you might as well just let them relax!

  • It will immediately discourage kids. Warm them up a bit. Make it a day where kids can easily transition from vacation life to school/homework life.

  • Students cannot immediately go from no homework/responsibilities to having plenty of homework and assignments. The flow of assignments needs to be exponential, but gradual at the same time.

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