• Yes

  • No

30% 9 votes
70% 21 votes
  • Yes. This is a big part of my current argument about what students should be.

    Posted by: TBR
  • Children are working. They have a schedule and they don't get paid. They should be paid little, but still paid. Education gives back to the economy, therefore, for students going to school they should be paid to go to school. When students choose to go to school it will give them a job so they can impact economy. Also, it will encourage attendance if they are paid.

  • Only high school. Elementary school and middle school, no.

    Posted by: benhos
  • They dedicate time that they could be using to perfect other aspects of their life.

  • School is a student's first job for 12 or more years of their life so that is roughly 25920 hours of their life devoted to school therefore i think that they should at least be paid minimum wage to attend school. All Information provided was found by Logan Morgan

  • Kids should be paid NOT to go to school: free up the institution for people who actually want to be there instead of clogging it with the intellectual backwater and reinforcing it with money that they'll go and spend in a matter of minutes.

  • The pay back for going to school is having a job in the future where you make a livable wage. It already costs a lot to give someone a proper education, who should invest in it other than the student who cares enough to go?

  • It's wasteful. Kids are there to learn how to be productive members of society. Sure, a reward is nice for short-term retention, but ultimately the education should pay for itself in the form of being able to hold down a decent job.

  • We should give teachers a wage they deserve before paying students. and also we shouldnt have to pay students to get an education. We should emphasize more in school how lucky they are to have a right to education. I cant stand when kids suggest things like this or that school is useless because they have no idea how fortunate they are.

    Posted by: Stefy
  • What the heck...

  • Should people get paid to breath air?

  • Maybe a loan to be paid back to encourage getting a job.

  • I am 16 and while it would be awesome to get paid i don't believe we should. We are being educated so we can get a job and a future. I do wish that the schools teach us a bit less on the things that dont matter, for example proofs, and more on things that will apply to us when we get out into the world or that will give us a better feel of possible career choices.

  • No student shoul dnot be paid to go to school. They should pay for education, but much less than what they are currently pying in the US. In the US education costs increase, while quality of education decreases.

    Posted by: Ezk
  • You shouldn't be paid for something that you are required to do. The Adults weren't forced to work at an office 10 hours a day, they chose to, so they should be rewarded for their effort and choosing to work. If a child is required to attend school, then they don't get paid because they did not choose to and this would waste money and destroy the economy. Kids also don't know how to use their money and tend to spend it on toys and video games, and it would be better if we gave the money to build a stronger US-Mexican border, new roads, and provide more money for more jobs.

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