• Students should have exams.

  • Students should not have exams.

67% 4 votes
33% 2 votes
  • First thing first everyone is special in their own way, I don't understand how they plan to UNDERSTAND where we are lacking, by answering the same questions.............. One word hypocrisy........ they say they want to prepare us for the future yet all they expect us to know is when napoleon went into battle

  • As a student I dont think we should have exams because it just gives us more things to stress about in life. And teachers and parents are always like dont stress about it but like we do! WE ALWATS STRESS ABOUT IT NO MATTER WHAT

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Davery79 says2017-05-19T13:19:51.0805592Z
In the real world, no one cares about people being special..... It is all about the bottom line. If your special ability helps you do your job better, and you actually get a job that revolves around that thing that makes a person special, then great..... But in most jobs, which is what "they" are preparing you for, there are deadlines, and things you must learn in a specified time frame... "They" are teaching you how to learn, period..... "They" could care less if you actually remember when Napoleon went into battle after you are done with school. (do you think "they" are preparing you for Jeopardy?) The ability to learn something, in a specific time, to not only get it right, but be reliable is what comes out of school. Bosses don't want to hear excuses, or give breaks to certain people because of a learning disability. If they can't do the job, then they can't do the job, and there will be no exceptions, even if in the future the law says there must be. Bosses will still find a way to not hire that person, or get rid of them because they are not able to do the job. It's called spoiling, and it only hurts the spoiled in the long run.

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