Should students have homework

Posted by: mybirdsarecool

Should students have homework

  • Yes

  • No

60% 12 votes
40% 8 votes
  • It helps practice.

    Posted by: Gabe1e
  • It increases your skills at the subject, and if you get something wrong, it tells the teacher what you need to improve on.

  • Yes, but to a very low limit. I think that if the teachers want to evaluate you or give you more practice, do it in school. There is plenty of time in school to get a sufficient amount of work done. Plus, time off of school is meant to be spent as alone time or family time, not extra school. BUT, we should still have a little bit of homework, as I agree it will strengthen your mind, there isn't an absent period of thinking.

    Posted by: benhos
  • How else would a student be able to show that they can work independently? Employers want employees that can work both in a team and on their own and homework helps show that students can work on their own and complete a task without their teacher's help.

  • But they should only have school when they want it. Most students just go to school because they have to, that does not work. Let them work for 5 euro's an hour 40 hours for a few weeks, see if they want to go to school then. A big part of the problem is that parents make life far too easy for their children, giving them lots of money, of course children then don't understand why they need an education.

  • It teaches the students important life skills that they will need to apply even when they become working adults, especially time management, prioritizing work, as well as values, namely responsibility and self-discipline. Setting homework and assignments extends the student’s study beyond what they learn in school and allows for a wider and deeper understanding of the topic. Homework is a great burden for students. It's good to give homework but nowadays teachers give homework more too heavy for a school bag. Many students cannot manage their time. Homework teaches students on how to use their time properly and not waste it on things like playing games or watching TV.

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heil41 says2015-04-15T14:13:43.5266161-05:00
For blacks no as they should school up for labor but for more intelligent races then yes
Episteme says2015-04-17T05:36:38.6143290-05:00
Roodvlees - I don't see how giving kids money to go to school would benefit them. They would assume that whatever they do, they'd have to be paid for it - leading to a generation of kids that think if they do something then they have to get paid for it. How about teaching them that they need to do things of their own accord without thought of how they might benefit? How could you teach them about charity or about doing things for others without them feeling like they need to be paid (monetarily or otherwise) for it? What happens to those kids that don't want to go to school? It would only benefit a small few that know how to survive- while quite a few of them would see that they wouldn't get a job in the future.
Cristian23362257955623676 says2017-02-15T15:02:25.8799773Z
8-4= 8 because you take away the 4 so its gone so all u are left with is 8
Cristian23362257955623676 says2017-02-15T15:02:48.7651773Z
8-4= 8 because you take away the 4 so its gone so all u are left with is 8
XxJHPTxX says2017-02-15T15:05:45.2947773Z
1 - 1 = baby 1 because the two ones love each other

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