Should Students Have Homework?

Posted by: nikipotter

Should students be assigned homework? Yes or no?

  • Yes, Students should get homework!

  • No, Students should NOT get homework!

46% 36 votes
54% 42 votes
  • Yes because the more work the more they get smarter

    Posted by: Devinl
  • Kids should have homework because giving the students homework enhances the possibilities of them remembering what they have learned that night, It helps them prepare for upcoming test and can be used as a motivation for students to improve. I'm not saying it's fun to do it it's just better and beneficial for the students and their knowledge. Students may hate the amount of homework they get, But they don't know that by every piece of homework they recieve it is gradually increases their knowledge about that subject. Homework helps them out more than they can see. The information that they will use in the future can be thanked to the homework and revisions of work that they got. Some of the work they will get can and possibly will help them solve and fix problems in the future. And it would also be nice if their own child could receive some help from his or her parents or parent with their homework but since you didn't do your homework while you were in elementary or middle or high you can't help your won child with his or her own studies, That should be pretty embarrassing.

  • @nikipotter. I have ADHD and I do HW just fine. @Hrox. Many school systems have homework time limits. Homework enhances learning and gives the teacher time to assign things that would waste class time. Face it, Would YOU do busy work in class or learn stuff? I choose the latter. Secondly, Homework helps children learn to be independent while they do homework. Third, It's good practice. Fourth, If homework causes too much stress, Take a break! There are many ways to relieve stress out there, And if you need help, Talk to a trusted adult like your parents or a school counselor.

  • https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=pt8VYOfr8To

  • Teaching in a self-contained classroom in the grade prior to students entering middle school, I expect students to work hard in class and finish and/or double check at home as needed. Students write the daily math lesson in their planners so parents can access and discuss if desired. I also have several projects in which I coach students in the classroom and encourage a check-in time, But the project is done at home. Typically these large projects are given 6 weeks prior to due date so students learn time management. I only assign what I believe will solidify their skill in 20 min. Or less (so they could even do assignment in the car), Or what will aid them in learning to juggle their commitments and learning.

  • Sometimes it is hard for kids to get homework done because of activities and sports, But in the long run for all the school and state tests, Homework can help improve a students grade because of the practice.

  • Homework has both advantages and disadvantages. Yes, Homework may help students keep the material learned in class fresh in their brain, Although, Homework can negatively affect students in many ways. These negative ways can affect the way they contribute to the classroom. One item that homework gives students is stress. Stress can come in multiple ways. One being the workload that students have through the week. Some students get more than two hours of homework a night. Balancing that with social life, Extracurriculars, Chores, And free time can be extremely challenging, Especially to those with ADHD. ADHD is a disorder in that which a person has difficulty paying attention and has trouble controlling impulsive behaviors. They also may be restless and almost constantly active. Another way students may stress is by not completing a homework assignment given in class. The child may stress about going into class and what their teacher will say the next day without the homework completed. The child may stress if they do not understand the topic. Also, Homework can be a big burden on students. The time after school is supposed to be for the child’s rest so they can be ready for the next day. Instead, Many students are up late at night trying to complete the homework that is due the next day. Students will feel exhausted after a full day at school and even more exhausted in the morning when they were up late. Kids also need to spend quality time with their family members. Less time with family members can break apart their bonds and cause issues between family members. Especially with the overload of homework given, Students may want to rebel and not do it while their parents want them to. This can cause a major fight between a student and a parent. With more homework the students have less time to spend time with their family, Such as grandmas and grandpas, Who might not have a lot of time left on Earth. For these reasons specifically, Students should have little to no homework.

  • How come they have to go to school for hours and then work for hours at home each night just for the next day.

    Posted by: Hrox
  • because it's waisting students free time

  • Because it is just some more burden onto them after working whole day in school they can rather come home and just revise their subjects

  • I added up the hours that a child/student spends in school (roughly 7-8 hours of school each day) that means 7hours a day times 5 days of school is 35 hours a week. That doesn't include any after school activities (music/drama/student gov't/ sports/etc. ) or any formal tutoring they may need outside of school; which means that a student spends about as much time in the academic/school world as a working adult spends at their job! When do they have time to be young and enjoy their youth? ! ? ! ? H. O. M. E. W. O. R. K. = Half Of My Energy Wasted On Repetitive/Random Knowledge. (btw, -this goes for college too. . . )

  • DUH


  • It is unnecesary bc students worked at school so they should relax at home

  • School time is where you learn and do work home time is to relax and not stress about work some times homework can be kind of useful but then sometimes all you have to do is make a poster like how's that meant to help us in ordinary adult life

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smokey0990 says2019-05-23T02:27:05.0807140Z
Children don't want to do their homework? No surprise there. The countries that are consistently ranked at the top in education are all notorious for giving out ridiculous amounts of homework. Homework is proven to be effective, You don't like it? Tough shit you have to do it anyways. That's life kids, Get used to it.
GretchenG11 says2019-06-30T01:00:03.1806140Z
Homework, As much as it can be a pain because of other activities and sports, Actually helps in the long run with all the school and state tests. Homework is good practice to raise grades, As homework itself is a grade. But also with all the extra pratice does raise your grade on a quiz or all those tests.
Tweakyscarf1624 says2019-07-10T06:50:26.0367011Z
They shouldn't have homework to do they have enough responsibility's with studying and bringing things back and forth between school and back
BOBGEN2 says2019-07-22T23:42:24.4970124Z
Finland has the best education in the world and they give out no homework, Australia is second and gives out very little homework. . . Do I really need to say anymore?
CKR says2019-07-29T20:05:47.0476506Z
Children don't want to do homework and too many parents don't want to make their children do homework - or can't force them to, But it is necessary to learn how to study and prepare for classes - to learn how to jump hoops, Etc. At a recent orientation at a major university, We were told that our children should be studying about 30 hours a week for 15 credits. If students are not learning to do homework in middle school or high school how are they going to be prepared for college? Not all kids will go to college, But they will be getting jobs and required to do things they don't want to do. They'll be required to learn new things, Work on projects and much more. Homework is necessary - just not busy work homework. Practicing a skill is not busywork, But each teacher needs to differentiate - if a child has the skill mastered then that child should be moved forward. If the child needs more practice then so be it. If a child does nothing but goofs off in class - there are consequences - homework. Homework is necessary.
Diora says2019-08-08T07:54:34.3877693Z
Why should students in secondary get hw when they have enough on their plate already for example I’m 13 and I’m going into my 3rd year of GCSE’s and the worst part is hw like we don’t have time to revise and do hw because we start at 7 and finish 3 so what is the point of hw when staff tell us to revise and learn but we also have hw like how do you do both of them even though we have schedules we can’t keep up with them because of the hw we have been set like in other countries they are more lucky because they don’t have GCSE’s
ItzSh0ckerz says2019-09-02T16:43:22.4006005Z
We spend 6 to 8 hours at school, Why do we need homework? We shouldn't have to constantly do these stressful tasks. We need more free time so we can relax. It's been scientifically proven that less homework leads to better students.
ItzSh0ckerz says2019-09-02T16:44:27.0471717Z
We spend 6 to 8 hours at school, Why do we need homework? We shouldn't have to constantly do these stressful tasks. We need more free time so we can relax. You think kids hate homework because they are lazy, Or because it's not really helping them progress? It's been scientifically proven that less homework leads to better students.

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