Should students have to take Physical Eduction in school?

Posted by: Lavendarrina

  • Should

  • Shouldn't

72% 18 votes
28% 7 votes
  • This way the nerds and obese children can get some exercise everyday and stay somewhat healthy.

  • Exercise, physical fitness, there's not really any harm in it.

  • Yes it is a term in early childhood that we call "physical play " Children need to be exposed to all sort of diffierent types of play to stimulate their minds

  • In Primary school especially, where people don't learn as much anyways. PE isn't the turning point in a child's health/fitness, but it contributes quite a bit into socialising, developing an interest in sports, a nice break from being inside and many more examples.

  • In elementary school yes they absolutely should. Students at that age need not only the release of PE during the school day, but learning physical mobility is just as important as any other subject.

  • Make it optional. Time could be better spent elsewhere.

  • Students who are already consistently doing after school sports should be given the choice. Also, students should be given the option of an easy or hard PE class so that more out of shape kids can practice healthy living without a ton of social pressure

  • Students' health should not be in the hands of the school, but in the hands of them and their parents. I agree, time could be spent a lot better elsewhere.

    Posted by: benhos
  • unless they don't fulfill a PE elsewhere...

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