• Yes They should

  • No they Shouldn't

34% 14 votes
66% 27 votes
  • Uniform represents the school. Don't attend if you can't stomach that.

  • Without uniform children will push the boundaries and make it more difficult for teachers. Teachers will waste time checking their clothes to ensure what they do wear is acceptable. Uniform is also smart and helps identify children of the school as they go in to school in the mornings and return home. It teaches discipline early on. It is also easier to quickly put on the uniform than to decide what to wear each day, making it easier for their parents in the morning.

    Posted by: Sabman
  • it important so that there is uniformity and students were appropriate clothes

    Posted by: Namx
  • Uniform brings uniformity.It says every one in the class is same.Everyone has same rights.It is also a part of discipline. their duty is not to be 'cool' but to study.

  • Wearing a uniform helps give the school more of a family feel, It prevents girls from wearing slutty outfits and altogether turns education into a friendly & familiar environment psychologically in the student's mind.

  • I think they should not have to wear uniforms because I feel that everyone should have the need to wear what they want and not be forced to wear something they don't want.

  • I vote no, because as a student, this would really suck, but y'all follow the dress code and respect it.

  • School uniforms doesn’t do shit about bullying

    Posted by: Chatsa
  • everyone has the right to choose what to wear as long as it is appropriate and does not cause distractions.

  • they shouldn't be made to wear uniforms as most of the times it's not comfortable, in our school the sweaters provide no protection against the cold and we aren't allowed to wear our own sweater because uniform. there should be a boundary for casual clothes but there shouldn't be a uniform

  • By wearing uniforms students lose a sense of creativity and style because they are forced to wear a specific type of clothing. And teachers don't really care what you're where, , They only say something when they notice it.

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SternDebater says2017-10-11T14:04:03.4769463Z
School uniforms are a good way that some kids won't get bullied and that kids from a low to high-class family won't get made fun of.

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