Should students recieve Bill of Rights freedoms in schools?

Posted by: msl101

Should students be entitled to basic rights or should schools strip students of these rights?

  • Yes, Students should be entitled to their god given rights anywhere.

  • No, students should not recieve some or all of their rights in schools.

100% 8 votes
0% No votes
  • Students are people too, they deserve the full protection of the constitution, not only the rights the school wants them to have. Schools can search a student without a warrant, withhold their property, and regulate their speech. We all know this is morally wrong and is dangerous to students and to culture.

    Posted by: msl101
  • As citizens of the United States, students should have complete, unabridged rights just like anyone else. Why is this even an issue? You could argue that giving the kids rights will undermine the authority of the school. Damn right! That's my point precisely; the whole reason we have rights is to undermine the authority of governing bodies!

  • They already have them in schools. Freedom of speech protects you from the givernment coming after you for soeech it doesnt mean you can swear or say or do whatever you want in a school setting.

    Posted by: Stefy
  • It's not fair not to be able to talk about things. Being unique; black, white, gay, Christian, atheist, etc. Everyone should be able to talk and believe what they want to.

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