Should students start school at 10:00AM?

Posted by: zmjones27

What do you think do you think students starting education at 10:00AM is reasonable? SUBMIT AND SPEAK YOUR MIND HERE!

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Yes it’s more healthy!

I believe it’s more healthy for students to start education at 10:00AM because. . .
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No that’s way to late!

No students starting education at 10:00AM is way to late because. . .
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dj_iyke says2019-12-02T19:52:08.4991459Z
Students ought to start school at 10:00 am because that leaves them enough time to have a enough of their so much needed sleep before going to school and enduring the stress of a school day.
anc2006 says2019-12-02T21:20:35.9006937Z
I mean, 8:30 is a decent time, But 10 is too late

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