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My life, my death..
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Give hope, prevent suicide..
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Formerland1 says2014-07-14T17:11:05.7904530-05:00
As long as when they die we can use the bodies for science
1814Username says2014-07-15T15:07:18.2617401-05:00
Suicide should never be an option because things will get better, but if a person chooses to end their life --- it is their life. We try to control people too much in this nation.
its_gisellec says2016-05-20T17:39:34.3678501Z
No it should not be legalized it is absolutely preposterous to end another persons life whether it be assisted suicide or themselves committing suicide. It's inhumane and disrupts our Morales in our religious beliefs not only that it disturbs the peace in the person who's assisted the other to commit suicide which can cause a mental illness in the one who assisted. It also disturbs the persons life by causing them death to themselves as well as sorrow to everyone around them. Therefore no it should and shall NOT BE LEGALIZED.

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