Should Sweden recognize English as the second official language?

Posted by: Morgy

Immigrants from English-speaking countries who do not speak the language are generally at a serious economic disadvantage. It's much more difficult to get and hold a job or find a place to live. If a vast majority (90%) of Sweden's population speaks satisfying to outstanding English, then why make it hard for English-speakers to find a job or live in Sweden?

  • Yes, it should be the second official language

  • No, Swedish should be the only official language

75% 6 votes
25% 2 votes
  • Even though practically every swede i've met speak English at a very high level it is to 99,99% a secondary language that you learn in school. In difference to some of Sweden's minority languages English is not spoken in any groups of society as a first language. English is important for Sweden's economy since it is used when trading with other countries and I agree with that it is very good to learn, but I do not associate English with my home country.

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