Should taxpayers be required to help pay for a new sports stadium?

Posted by: birdlandmemories

  • Yes the taxpayers should help partially fund a new sports stadium

  • No, the taxpayers should not be required to help fund a sports stadium.

6% 1 votes
94% 16 votes
  • While obviously the team owners can most likely afford a stadium on their own it is important to note the number of jobs a new stadium creates. Not to mention the amount of tourism it would bring into the city. The City should be expected to pay for the stadium and the business it brings in some sort of fashion.

  • Unless you live in Green Bay, the stadium is a private entity and will not earn you or the city direct profits.

  • Sadly, stadiums cause the businesses around said stadium to suffer on game days, this is because the locals, don't want to deal with the traffic, and pissed off sports fans, and If you've ever been to a game, the fans are to hot, cold, miserable, or drunk to really think, lets go out and buy things that we don't need, right after buying way to over priced snacks. I wouldn't mind so much if the stadium owners gave back the tax payers money with their profits, but, they don't and all of the profits go to the owners who didn't pay for any of it. The owners use the popularity of the sports, to almost black mail the elected officials, getting them to sign these ridicules contracts, with the threat hanging over the official that their are a lot of fans, that probably won't vote for them if there favorite team, moves away, because the official won't let them get what they wanted. In these contracts, they demand some of the stupidest things, things that don't even exist yet, such as (in one contract their was a part saying that if one is ever invented, they wanted a hologram projector, for instant playbacks) The owners of these stadiums are like spoiled kids, that we the people who don't want our money wasted, and the officials who don't want to waste it either, say no, you can not have that unless you buy it with your own money.

  • Why should taxpayers pay for a stadium if they don't even watch the sport? All their hard earned money shouldn't go to other people's entertainment.

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