Should teachers be able to discuss religion with their students?

Posted by: Alisia2020

Students can talk about and express their religion in school, Should teachers be able to as well?

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Leaning says2018-11-06T06:31:14.9800961Z
Though I'm not sure I see anything wrong with that teacher trying to convert another teacher, Unless I was that teacher. Then that first teacher totally gets avoided during teacher get together parties. Unless he is interesting/entertaining about it.
spiros777 says2018-11-08T16:11:54.1293964Z
No. It may segregate people who constitutionally worship another god, Or it may make secularist feel uncomfortable. It serves not only a distraction, But has the potential to create other complex problems
Leaning says2018-11-08T16:27:07.8568866Z
@spiros777 I think I've heard it said Don't discuss politics, Or religion at work. But, That seems more a rule of avoiding flame wars where you work. Free speech is also a part of constitution. Though if a teacher speaks something that is not socially acceptable, Then they get kicked out. What wouldn't be socially acceptable? Preaching your religion like your teachers desk was a pulpit. Same with politics or social issues. There is a reason that teachers who preach racism get fired. If a teacher was saying we should discriminate against atheists or theists. Probably going to get kicked. But it doesn't seem right to ignore a concept. Though if this was 1776 or something a teacher preaching religion wouldn't be all that bad to society. Partially because public schools weren't a thing (I think) and Americans were more wild about religion then maybe. One of John Adams teachers Joseph Marsh was a religious guy (I think). Though I suppose that might be a bit more of a religious school in that case. . . Hmm my knowledge of John Adams early education is spotty. Still, If one was to have a history class, Religion is involved in many parts of history. Hard to avoid talking about it.

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