Should Teachers Be Trained to Carry Guns?

Posted by: JEDBartlet

A bill has been passed in Florida that gives teachers the ability to be trained with a firearm to protect the school, but is that really the best measure?

  • Yes, they we need our teachers to have guns

  • No, this is not a good idea

39% 28 votes
61% 44 votes
  • I believe this to possibly be a good solution to deter mass shootings in schools. I hope this is a voluntary program, only teacher/administrators who are willing to train to become proficient should be permitted. There should be periodic proficiency qualification requirement. As well as the person needs to realize consequence of pulling the trigger and be willing to do it.

    Posted by: jtlove
  • I think if a teacher is willing to, they should have the right to carry a firearm after being properly trained. I'm not saying arm every single teacher regardless of their willingness to do so, but if a handful of teachers to carry weapons, we could prevent or deter psychos from shooting up schools.

  • Forcefully arming teachers would lead to disastrous results, however, giving teachers the right to carry could possible prevent countless shootings.

  • The government is clearly not capable at keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. The best measure to keep the death toll at a minimum is therefor to put guns into the hands of those who are neither criminal, nor mentally ill, so that they may defend themselves.

  • I believe its truly a bad idea as if a teacher has a gun it influences the pupils to use them. That's a bad idea, isn't it? teachers should be setting a good example not influencing us to use guns

  • The idea that pushing for guns in classrooms would prevent gun-related casualties in schools is truly asinine. Aside from the obvious flaws from the most basic point of view, how would the practical application work? Firearms within a school would need to be kept in a gun safe, or otherwise kept from student reach, but that would make reaction time to a threat unlikely to save lives. How would teachers be cleared for school-carry? How would the screening and training work?

  • They just shouldn't!

  • we need gun control, ban assault weapons, the second amendment should be changed or ratified. We have the most powerful military the world has ever seen do you think citizens having guns could change anything. Think about why our founders would write an amendment of this sort. Find out about history especially the fight for our independence from Britain.

    Posted by: and78
  • Lets see... it's already bad enough we have people breaking law and getting to schools, but might be stopped by SRO. But a teacher who's in a room of 30 kids totally won't do the same thing!

  • I disagree that teachers should be able to carry guns with them. The first reason is that it sets a bad example to the students. The students would hence have a wrong mindset that it is alright to bring guns and other weapons with them and they would think that inflicting violence is the best way for punishment. The second reason is that it might cause innocent lives to be lost if there is a gunfight. Think about it, if there is terrorist attack in the school, the whole situation would be chaotic, and if teachers carry guns, they might end up aim at the wrong person especially in a chaotic situation. I find that the best way to prevent terrorist attacks in school is by adding more security to the school. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, one example is by having a body check on people entering the school. This will prevent people or terrorists from entering into the school with weapons.

  • Putting a gun in the hand on a teacher opens them up to much more liability than any teacher should be open to. Their job is to educate, not to protect the public.

  • in my opinion no should carry a gun around because they are violent weapons and kill people no thanks

  • Nope, I don't trust em.

    Posted by: Hadii
  • No, whoever thinks this is a good idea, it isn't. if a teacher firs his/her gun in a class of students towards the enemy, the kids could possibly be harmed in the crossfire.

  • Teachers are under a lot of stress, it would be a very bad idea to give them guns, they could snap at students or have an emotional break down and begin shooting people

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ladiesman says2018-03-08T18:18:59.3308457Z
There is the possibility that a teacher is mentally unstable. Remember the 2010 University of Alabama in Huntsville shooting?
JEDBartlet says2018-03-08T22:03:57.7435539Z
I agree, mental health background checks have receded from what they used to be.
stephaniemartinez says2018-03-09T01:39:11.6917065Z
This is fighting fire with fire. How can we expect gun violence to cease by enabling more people to use guns?
Mister_Man says2018-03-09T03:51:06.9408946Z
Ladiesman - That's why we do background and mental health checks before giving them weapons. You do know gun advocates don't just mindlessly yell "EVERYONE GETS A GUN," right? We're in favour of background and mental health checks.
Mister_Man says2018-03-09T03:53:32.9568946Z
StephanieMartinez - We expect gun violence to cease by putting guns in law abiding citizens' hands, who are willing to take out the trash if need be. Why would you give a sh*t if a serial killing psychopath is shot by a gun? Why is the "gun violence" statistic so important that you'd rather not shoot someone who is in the process of killing dozens of innocent people? Enacting strict gun laws will do absolutely nothing other than take the guns out of law abiding citizens' hands and leave them with the criminals. We'd be LESS likely to stop mass shooters if there were stricter gun laws.
JEDBartlet says2018-03-10T02:05:08.8609757Z
@Mister_Man, I'm not sure if you heard about this, but a bill just passed a couple weeks ago revoking background checks on the mentally ill. You may be for background checks, but our lawmakers apparently aren't.
JEDBartlet says2018-03-10T02:13:28.7059503Z
Also, in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
mattj11111 says2018-04-16T03:47:14.3982822Z
I didn't vote because I'm not sure about this issue. I thought this was a good idea at first, but had second thoughts following an incident where a student at a school was injured as a result of a teacher firing into the ceiling, which fell onto the student. I will say that the benefits of a program that trains a carefully selected group of already-experienced teachers (veterans, first responders) would most likely far outweigh the detriments. I would definitely support more armed security guards though. (And the FBI and sheriffs doing their jobs...)
thetaboosun says2019-01-22T08:10:17.8374869Z
@stephaniemartinez What's all this we stuff? I don't want gun violence to cease, I want mass murders to cease through the use of gun violence.

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