Should Teachers Get Paid More

Posted by: PopyDoodle

Stait your opinion on whether teachers should get paid more

  • Yes

  • No

81% 25 votes
19% 6 votes
  • Teachers work very hard and put very much effort into getting us to succeed and get into good colleges. They deserve a large pay raise.

  • More pay. More qualified teachers. Smaller classes. Better long term results. Large short term costs though.

    Posted by: yahuaa
  • Teachers are responsible for preparing the next generation, a task that should be heavily rewarded.

  • Good teachers should be paid accordingly

  • And there should also be a higher standard and greater regard for teachers along with the higher pay. The reason Finland has such a good education system is that teachers are highly regarded (on the same level as lawyers and doctors) and are thus held to a very high standard. If we could encourage this elsewhere, the education system would improve.

  • Yes because if the teachers were payed more they might have a happier attitude when they go to work which will reflect on their students too which since those students are our future happy students = happy future and teachers deserve it some students are very difficult to handle.

  • Teachers don't just work from 9-3. They don't just get to go home after work and do whatever they want. They are planning the next days, weeks, months worth of lessons, preparing material, grading tests and papers and writing more tests and paper topics. Where is the pay for all the hours they spend doing all that work? They certainly aren't getting paid for it now, and they should be. Teachers should definitely be paid more.

  • Yes, but they should stop going on strike because they feel they need more money

  • They should be paid according to their skills. If they are able to teach better(even better than the teacher which has more educational qualifications), then they should be paid more.

  • They do so much for the students... depending on the teacher, of course.

  • No, because they all suck (public schools that is). There is the occasional good teacher, and they should be rewarded accordingly. Unfortunately, it seems that for every good teacher there are 3 bad ones.

  • They actually get paid too much and maybe should take a pay cut nation wide.

  • Teachers get paid an average of 55,000 a year already and don’t work during summer break and winter break resulting in them working approximately 190-210 days out of 365 days.

  • The good and hardworking teachers should be rewarded but there are unfortunately not very many good ones. The school system also sucks.

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skylargreene97 says2015-05-04T17:55:44.6886734-05:00
Rphk123 - I voted yes, but I understand your reasoning, but if public school teachers were payed like they shoud be then the situation would be vice versa (for every 3 good teachers there is 1 bad).
yahuaa says2015-05-05T03:07:22.6677245-05:00
I'm not entirely sure how the tenure system works. Any of you lot can elaborate?

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