Should Teachers Here Have A Master Degree In The Subject They Are Teaching?

Posted by: Joey888

  • Yes

  • No

25% 4 votes
75% 12 votes
  • Supply and demand.

    Posted by: Reigon
  • The number of teachers in this country would shrink.

  • Let the market decide the demand of teachers being higher skilled. Forcing teachers to drown themselves in further student debt when there is no demand would be ridiculous

  • Ability to teach has been more important in my experience.

  • If the person has the ability and skill level to teach the subject, I have no issue with them teaching

  • My current honors English teacher as of right now is amazing at teaching. She has her own ways that stick into students heads. However, she didnt major in English. She majored in World History. Just comes to show you, to be a great teacher, you don't need to have a major in the subject your teaching.

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