Should teachers make students feel stupid?

Posted by: DOOMILES


  • No

  • Yes

87% 26 votes
13% 4 votes
  • But that's exactly what they do when they pick the kid who they know doesn't know the answer and make them do the entire problem in front of the class; making them feel like stupid. Teachers are supposed to help students, not hinder them.

  • I had one teacher who is brat. Here name was miss bass. you can guess what we called her.

  • No but even if the teacher is right they could lower the students self-asteam

  • That's horrible

  • Nobody should purposely make anyone feel stupid. The point of having teachers is to teach students what they don't know. Obviously students would be less smart, or they won't even be in school.

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SNP1 says2014-04-22T13:28:23.5055855-05:00
This is not a yes or no type answer. Some people learn differently. I learned better when I was shown to be an idiot, but that doesn't work for everyone.

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