• Yes

  • No

36% 44 votes
64% 78 votes
  • The founding fathers saw that the schools should teach religion, Morality and knowledge. Now days, Schools only teach knowledge. Morality is important for voting, Correctly; To be an atheist is irrational, Stating that a nothing creating something, Such as a snowman being evolved from snowflakes. Evolution will never be anything more than a theory, And teaching it as truth is false. Then Again, Evolution was theorized by a man named Charles Darwin. This was accepted by people who didn't want to be responsible for their actions; hence this should have never even been accepted.

    Posted by: yoku
  • Romans Greeks Nordic all taught religion as a way of learning valuable lessons we could learn a lot from eastern meditation new neuroscience backs up they are strengthening there minds

  • I believe it could lead to an increase in understanding and respect for others.

  • We need people to learn about PewDiePie! He is our God and we need him to destroy the fake gods of Jesus, Zues, And T series. These want to be lords are giving us bad influences. We need teachers to help us understand why Pew is so good and why everyone else is bad.

  • I know that people have a negative view religion, But I don't think they understand the question. People are so quick to judge religion nonfactual therefore it should not be taught in schools, But what they fail to realize is that we do to teach religions. Religions evolved and shaped various ancient civilizations. It helped produce trade within those civilizations and centralized people under governments to create empires. We do not to teach children which religion is true, But we do need to teach them religion's role in society. Therefore we can teach religion to stop ignorance and stereotypes and still have a separation of church and state.

  • Only and I emphasize this, ONLY as part of the Mythology, Like Greek or Norse Mythology. Only in the context with older deities, And gods and beliefs, Like Egyptian gods so kids would see and learn all the plagiarised parts of Abrahamic religions and learn that today's religions are nothing more but a deranged myth, Rehashed and recycled from older beliefs and gods. Religion should in no shape or form be taught to be factual. To do so means lying to children and brainwashing them. It would be nothing less but a child abuse. This is coming from a passionate Atheist that speaks out against religions and religious apologists and the way people chose to believe and promote their beliefs and religions, Which is in the best of cases just preaching on the streets and in worst cases, With fire and sword, Murder and terror, Be that Islamic terror or Fundamentalist Christian terror.

  • I think schools should teach religion, Not as fact, But as a way to inform people of all the different views. Many children are indoctrinated and not given the opportunity to think on their own when it comes to religion, Informing students on the different beliefs teaches, Not only critical thought, But acceptance. I am against teaching religion as a fact though, I don't believe anyone has a right to state one theory of the creation of the universe as fact. thinking about this, Maybe children, As a way to encourage discussion and critical thought at a young age, Are assigned or choose a religion, And have a nice discussion, Trying to prove their own correct (atheism would be part of this)

  • because religion is an important part of our history if we don't teach future generations about religion then the concept will forever be lost, Religion isn't meant to create a gap between people it's meant to bring a community together.

  • We need to teach children religion so that way they can choose if they want to believe it or not. And I don't think we should just teach about God, But also about Hindu, Buddhism, And others. They need to know the facts about each religion so they can choose if they want to believe one or not.

  • it is v important to teach about religion at school were else am i going to learn about our lort and savoir lil peep. It is tru he died but i still love him even if people say he is bad music. :( and people who doesnt follow lil peepism will bee in hell with all the monsters from goose bumps book and i tell you the monsters from goosebumps book are very scARY. PRAY TO LILK PEEP HE IS ONE TRUE GOD! :))))))

  • school is about learning new things and religion is really important to learn about and discuss

  • yes, Including religions not only gives insight to human nature but the foundation of many historical and sociological events

  • They should be taught a range of religions and then decide for themselves which one (if any) to follow.

    Posted by: bilc02
  • Is there a higher power or a God out there? Why did It create us? What is the meaning of it all? When one is on a spiritual quest, These are some of the questions one encounters. Of course, If such a being were to show itself, That would answer all our questions. But without questions, Might that take some of the excitement out of the search? The world is intended to be a place of free choice. The more clearly God is manifest in the world, The less we can choose to ignore his presence. His choice not to show himself is a gift to human beings to be able choose their own destinies. Source: https://www. Familyfriendpoems. Com/poems/spiritual/god/

  • As long as teachers teach all major religions, Then I have no problem with the topic.

  • People, Including children, Should be taught about religions of all sorts, Both past and present. Religion has such an important role in our societies and cultures that it must be taught about. However children should not be pushed into one, Or any, Belief. They should be presented with the facts then allowed to make their own choices and opinions.

  • Teaching students about Faith and Religiosity—in a secular context— is foundational to wider, Conceptual understanding and thus—to a certain degree—tolerance.

  • Religion is a relevant part of our daily lives. It affects us. It holds a major portion of society. It is best to understand.

  • No. Religion, Even though some may believe, Is completely false. They should teach Evolution in Science class, Not Adam and Eve in religion class.

  • No. UNLESS they wanted to teach their classmates about the religion and what they believe, Rather than teaching it as actual historical fact.

  • They would have to teach all major religions. It's unnecessary, Impractical, And, In the public school system illegal in the USA.

  • Would you talk about religion on a date?

  • Religion should only be taught in a historical context. Otherwise, Man is just continuing the worn out method to try to explain something not currently known for fear of the unknown, That is religon.

  • Surprised any religious people would want it. After all, According to law, No religion can be favored or prejudiced against. This means schools would need to teach all religions equally and without bias. I can imagine a child coming home to their Christian parents and telling them how cool Wiccan sounds, That they get to do all kinds of spells, And that they are thinking of converting. Wonder how long it would take for the parents to get to the school to put an end to it.

    Posted by: MitchV
  • Teachers shouldn't teach religion in school because everybody practices a slightly different religion. Plus a person that doesn't believe in God would say that their's no proof that anything taught in religion actually exists.

  • NO!

  • I do not think teachers should teach religion in schools. That is pushing it in people's faces way too far. I do believe, However, When you are in America, The Pledge of Allegiance should be recited every morning. I grew up saying every morning before school started. It's just a very patriotic thing to do. I think people who refuse to say it or disrespect the National Anthem are very ungrateful and shouldn't be allowed to live in America. I don't care how free America is. If you're going be disrespectful to men and women who have put their lives on the line for YOU, Then you should not be able to take part in the freedoms that our military fight for.

  • Religion should never be taught at school as a way of promoting it. On the other hand, Teaching religionS from a secular approach would be beneficial for students to understand historical events, Arts, Philosophy and current issues.

    Posted by: Varsov
  • No, Because school should only teach the truth. Religion is not true. Therefore, Religion should not be taught. Debate over. Drop the mic. Now, If religion is taught, Then all religions should be taught and thought of not being correct. So, You can teach Christianity, But you must state that there is no proof that god does exist over any other gods. Furthermore, There are multiple bibles and nobody knows which bible is correct. Finally, The bible is written by multiple people and not by god. We do not teach any literature as true, So the bible does not get acceptations.

  • no due to the fact that people have many religions and only teaching on would be wrong to the people who don't practice that religion.

  • people say that atheism is irrational because "something was created from nothing". I ask you this: where did God come from? Who or what created him? If what you say is true, Then God had to have come from something

  • This is a FREE country freedom of religion and not every one belives the same thing

  • Freedom FROM religion is in the constitution

  • If we are talking about a public school, As supposed to a private Catholic school for instance, Where obviously the parents would know in advance that Catholicism would be taught to their children before they enrolled them into the school, Then no, Religion should not be taught in schools. In the circumstance of public schooling, All of the kids would not be considered under one religious background, You would have a variety of children who come from different faiths. It would not be fair to have somebody who practiced Islam or Judaism to have to sit through biblical teachings of Christianity. And what if the student came from a household of Atheists, Where they believed in no God whatsoever or an afterlife? Everybody has their own beliefs, And to teach religion to students would be unnecessary.

  • No, And all religious symbols should be banned such as hijab, Christ necklace or kippah. Religions divide and classify students and that's not acceptable; we are all equal. Education should be totally secular. Schools should replace religion classes by a class that teaches human values, Equality and justice.

  • No, Because religion is forced on the students this way and they should be able to choose what they believe in. Religion creates diversity which is not ok to teach. A religion could be against a certain sex, Race, Etc. And this could create problems and disagreements. In the worst cases, People getting hurt.

  • What if you are atheist?

  • the main issue I see with teaching any religion in school is flexibility, For a theoretical purpose let us set a situation, I am In a christian based school, However I worship the devil (i actually do) and i have my own arguments that to me at least make sense. I will now go into my reasons to appease those of you who see my own religion as a reason to invalidate my vote, For more reasonable readers please skip this next paragraph. I believe the devil is a sentient, And intelligent being. I believe he can feel emotion, That he is susceptible to anger, And jealousy and i'm sure you all agree with at least that sentiment. At least from my perspective it does not make sense for him to challenge god straight on. No, What I think is that he gave into his anger and made that decision out of sheer impulse. Can we really believe that an all good god would punish him for that with years of torment? Then lucifer gave us a gift better than anything god had ever planned our free will, Our decision to bite the apple and leave paradise in search of something more. In search of a true purpose and happiness. Now then lets say I the satanist am sent to a christian school due to any among the reasons of poverty, Location, Parental choice, Or past faith. The most likely result would be persecution against me. They would discredit me for not giving into there faiths and there beliefs. I would be ridiculed, Bullied, And not all of it would necessarily be harmful. The kind heated of them would most likely try to sway me from my faith with promises of heaven and a better future, Persistently because they think deep down they can "save me". This same hypothetical situation can happen to anyone of any faith, Muslim, Atheist, Christian, There are to many religions and variables to make a school for every one of them in every district of every city. It is simply in all of our best interests to leave our religions outside of a schooling environment.

    Posted by: Serif
  • God is a lie, The romans made it all up to control the population.

  • Separation of church and state. The only reason religion might be taught at school is in a religious private school, Where parents pay for their children to have a religious-based education.

  • It is illogical to assert that religion is the source of morality. Religion can be used as a source of morality. Though religion and morality are not mutually-exclusive

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terri87 says2018-11-13T00:53:41.0031027Z
Without a foundation of knowledge and what I consider truth we fall and literally slip into a society of uneducated mass hysteria with no discipline suing people for the dumbest things, Teens committing horrific crimes being spoiled and stupid. We should rebuild religion around everything in schools.
MitchV says2018-11-13T01:10:00.6987027Z
@terri87, Great idea. We could incorporate spells and potions into science class. Reading the Qur'an (in Arabic) for foreign languages, And do rain dances in phy. Ed. What, You thought that only your religion would be taught? Oh sorry, All religions must be treated equally when it comes to tax payer funded schools. Hey, If you want your religion taught to your children, Here a a few ideas. Enroll them in private school, Teach them about the religion your self, Or take them to church/Sunday school.
Thoht says2018-11-14T17:34:09.0270896Z
Terri believes that what he considers truth is the objective foundation of knowledge. The vast majority of everyone disagrees with Terri. The logical conclusion then is that the vast majority of society should then be uneducated hysterical people with no discipline suing each other for the dumbest things while committing horrific crimes and being spoiled and stupid. Naturally.
Tarentz says2018-11-16T13:22:25.1332137Z
It is so sad how so many people said no without even considering the fact that religions literally shaped ancient civilizations, Inspired great arts, And started revolutions that moved civilizations forward. :(
Thoht says2018-11-19T20:14:37.2096395Z
Tarentz, When people talk about this debate its usually more along the lines of "Should they teach X religion to be true" or "Should they present X religion as an opposing viewpoint to Evolution. " There is no way to teach history without some lessons in what kind of religion they had. This, Your point, Is not controversial in a history lesson. Having "Christianity" class, Where someone literally preaches to the children, Is how I interpret this question. Clarification would certainly be nice. Were there a 'Religion 101' class where children were taught about religions, Not preached a religion, That would be more interesting. It would still be a fine line to walk between an instructional class and the instructor's religion. Would you mandate this class be taught by atheists? Would you trust Catholics to not present their religion more favorably to those students? I submit not. Our history lessons in HS/MS/ES already attempt to cover up much of the atrocities of religion.
Thoht says2018-11-19T20:16:55.3476395Z
On another note Tarentz, Religions haven't necessarily "inspired great arts. " They were at times the only one paying for art because of their tyranny over the people. If you weren't accepted by society's religion you were shunned by society. Artists then had to pay token appreciation to religion whether or not they actually believed. They had to pretend they believed. We will never know, Likely, How many of our old heroes had to lie about what they 'believed' to exist. There weren't the same freedoms back then that there are now. There was no half-anonymous posting on the net.
robin_senpai says2018-11-19T20:18:14.2056395Z
@Conley04, Yes i would
MitchV says2018-11-20T05:58:43.9739333Z
@Tarentz, Ya, Without religion, Nobody would have ever heard about Salem Mass. Many ancient civilizations were form because of religions, Especially when they battled each other. Yes, It inspired lots of great art and was also used as justification to destroy it as well. Odd thing is, Much of Christian religious art is in the form of statues including crucifixes and pray to them. Odd thing is, Pretty sure the bible forbids it in the 10 commandments. After all, A statue is a graven image. Let's also not forget how religion held science back for hundreds of years as the theory that the earth revolved around the sun was considered blasphemy (punishable by death). If religion had their way, We would still be treating illnesses with leaches and prayer.
purplepandas says2019-01-16T00:38:13.1285742Z
Because if they only teach one religion what about the other one. Some poeple might have to move because their parents don't want them earning about a different religion.
poppysan says2019-10-19T20:43:22.6972140Z
Of course not! The Constitution requires separation of Church and State. It's that simple.

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