Should teen juries judge teenagers charged with a crime

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Harper says2015-04-02T13:24:55.8518899-05:00
Well, the Constitution does guarantee you a jury of your peers... But at the same time the teenage mind is not well developed enough to make a rational decision.
bman7720 says2015-04-02T13:48:29.2430249-05:00
Harper, saying the teenage mind cannot make rational decisions is an old mindset. In Europe there is an entire parliament consisting of minors that debate and argue on political and social issues of the various countries represented.
Harper says2015-04-02T13:56:53.4428882-05:00
@bman7720 It's not really an old mindset, it's well known that the mind does not mature until around the age of 20. The prefrontal lobe (controls impulses and emotions) is not well developed during this time. And I'm really interested about that parliament you talk about: what's the name of it and do they make laws or influence governmental decisions?
bman7720 says2015-04-02T14:06:12.3381953-05:00
They do influence the government of their countries, in some respect. It's the European Youth Parliament. Also, teenagers are fully able to make rational decisions because they're more informed in today's society. Although they do tend to be emotional, we're still able to logically and rationally take in and analyze information and make a decision upon it.
Logical.Assasinator says2015-04-03T13:48:20.4702253-05:00
Not sure

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