Should Teen Wolf have a Season 6?

Posted by: GabeLipworth

Teen Wolf is the best series ever! But they have announced that no Season 6 will come! Bring back Teen Wolf!

  • Yes, it should go on forever!

  • No, never see it again after Season 5!

80% 12 votes
20% 3 votes
  • Oh Hell yes i am a big big fan of teen wolf im already going to miss seeing CSI so teenw wolf is a loss i cannot stand

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Vox_Veritas says2015-04-09T16:20:29.2355097-05:00
It should've never had a first season, or even a pilot.
shaancl_716 says2015-04-09T23:21:09.9236575-05:00
It was such a horrible show... I watched the 1st season and I did not understand the craze behind it..

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