Should Teenagers Ages 14 and Up be Allowed to Drive?

Posted by: james1014

  • Yes

  • No

25% 4 votes
75% 12 votes
  • Kids should drive because they need to get on with their own lives. Say a kid has soccer practice his parents are busy with work now he misses practice. This can happen with school if he misses the bus and their is no one to drive him he misses school and if this keeps happening it will effect his grades.

  • at 14 your not very responsible you are just getting the hang of growing up so its not time to drive yet

  • Teenagers are irresponsible and have a tendency to "impress their friends" by showing off their reckless driving skills. 16 is young enough, we don't need to add another two years to licensed teenagers!

  • Unless we want to control the population crisis...

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! The horror!!!

  • It's already difficult to manage the people driving as of this moment, why would you want to add a kid. If anything they should restrict driving more, so there will be less dumbasses on the road, but then again the people that decide wether you may drive or not in your local DMV is most likely assholes themselves that doesn't care about their job. Sadly, my brother is an example of the people in the DMV:(

  • Absolutely not! Do you know how many accidents teen druvers get in? Theyre tempral lobs arent fully developed and theyre even less at 14. A lot countries dont even let kids drive at all you have to be 18. Sorry james. Kid your just going to have to get rides from your mother. Wait two more years and you're good.

    Posted by: Stefy
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Hey call me - if you are on?

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