Should teens in middle school be able to decide if the are gay or bisexual?

Posted by: 238db

  • Yes

  • No, They are way to young to know.

56% 10 votes
44% 8 votes
  • Yes?

  • so they can be who they want to be

    Posted by: hewo1
  • Ignoring the fact that nobody CHOOSES their sexuality. . . There have been reports of toddlers knowing what their orientation, Without even knowing the proper terms, Same with being transgender. Sexuality is fluid and may change over time, Or it may not.

  • well im a lesbian, I lost my virginity at 13 to a girl at that age and i'm still a lesbian now. Its not just "hormones", Because if so then people don't know theyre straight until theyre in their mid-twenties.

  • Even though I currently have friends who have chosen a certain sexuality, I can say right now during middle school is a stressful time.

  • cus f**k u thats why

  • it is a time of puberty, When teens are changing from kids to adults, And just so much things happen in this time. Teens cannot think things through with a stable mind until everything has stabled out. Wait at least until high school.

  • Your mind hasn't reached its full potential yet, It's probably better to leave that idea till you get older

    Posted by: Charaf
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Leaning says2020-01-22T15:53:40.0961730Z
@KeithHipp True, School 'does seem a stressful time, One of adjustment socially, Bodily, Knowledge, Self identity.
sevathebeba says2020-01-24T21:33:10.9568193Z
Yes. Children should know what they are before adult age. This won't lead to bullying since getting used of the fact that someone is gay or whatever they are.
jokerking says2020-02-25T17:40:29.2219036Z
You don't decide what sexuality you have, That's not something you can decide. Either you are gay or you are not. If this is about coming out, Then no let them decide for their own if they want to tell the world that they are gay, Otherwise leave them be. Someone's sexuality is something they should deal on their own, Society should stop treating it like it is so damn important.
Leaning says2020-04-24T20:42:29.0860424Z
@jokerking. If I can learn to like certain foods, I'd imagine I could learn to like certain sexualities. Don't want to though. Nor do I think I, Or my current society, Think people 'should be forced to decide other than what they want. I do agree with you, I'd rather let them decide on their own, What they want. (Unless they ask advice)

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