• Yes! Definitely!

  • NO! They're too young!

28% 9 votes
72% 23 votes
  • Should they? No. But it's their/the parent's choice.

  • Let me go back to 10 year old me.... I was forgetful, stupid, immature, and all around an idiot. Seeing that, they should not. Now, if they are in a lot of sports or always busy and need a way to contact their parents, sure go right ahead. But ten year olds with social media is terrible.

  • They are simply to young to be fooling with such technology, as their minds will then get attached to it and will assume you need to you use 24/7, which is very unhealthy. From experience, allowing children around technology at such a young age will end in then crying or getting angry when it is taken away. They really have no use for a phone yet, rather than to call your parents. Also during school there will be no need to have your phone because schools have phones, and after school the majority of children are going to be picked up at school or waited for at the bus stop by their parents. ; or waiting at home.

    Posted by: Lvg517
  • It should be obvious why they shouldn't.

  • I look back and remember what a dipsh*t I was when I was 10.

    Posted by: gabep
  • There's no need for a 10 year old to have a cell phone. In my opinion, you should be at least 14 to have a cell phone.

  • no... They probably aren't ready I would say 12 or 13 would be a better age as if they get it early in a immature stage of life they may retain some parts of being immature however if they get it in a more mature stage they may not as much be addicted. They will likely be more tempted at the young age

  • I am not too far from the age of 10. I had my first phone when I was 11. Initially, it was something attractive and interesting, I thought it could not have any side effect, but over the years, I just wish not to have one phone yet. I cannot stay without it even if I want, it is like I depend by it.

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reece says2016-01-19T07:10:42.3218254Z
My 7-year-old nephew has an internet addiction, a real bad one.

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