• Yes.

  • No.

75% 3 votes
25% 1 votes
  • Theresa May should be the Prime Minister because she was elected by Conservative MPs. And to those who say that she should not be the Prime Minister because we didn't elect her, I say this, most of the population has never voted for a Prime Minister. For example at the last general election David Cameron was elected by those living in Witney. We do not live in America were the President is elected individually, we elect the party that our local candidate is part of. Those who say she should call a general election need to do their research as the 'Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011' was passed, the Prime Minister cannot call a general election but has to wait 5 years after the previous election. May I also add that she is one of many Prime Ministers who have started their premiership mid-term, one of which is the great war leader Sir Winston Churchill.

  • She is now and there was not much competition.

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bsh1 says2016-07-25T19:51:51.6733686Z
This was my 900th poll vote...

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