Should the age of consent be lowered?

Posted by: PetersSmith

We are using the standard age of consent of "16".

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The age of consent of 16 is fine.

Sixteen is a fairly common age of consent. Sixteen is where people are fully developed and can make their own choices.
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Yes, it should be lowered to 14

Fourteen is considered to be the perfect "breeding" age. This might be the most common age of consent in the world and thus the age of consent should be lowered to this number for most if not all countries, especially the United States.
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There should be no law for age of consent

Our bodies, our choices.
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No, it should be raised to 21

This is a much rarer age of consent law, but it is used. Twenty-one is when people are fully developed, independent, and can make their own choices fully.
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Someone should be married in order to have sex

Sex outside of marriage is immoral and/or generally ill-advised. This leads to unwanted pregnancies, STDs, and various other issues. If people only have marital sex then society will definitely be better off, happier, and more productive. Plus it en... courages marriages, which is a good thing   more
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There should be no age of consent

People should not be allowed to have sex, period. We don't know how this will work, but our best scientists suggest "test-tube" growth of children and "virtual reality".
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No, we should raise it to 18

Eighteen is another popular age of consent law. It is seen widely throughout the United States and several other more "conservative" places in the world.
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Yes, it should be at least when someone reaches puberty

This is one of the rarest age of consent laws, but it is one of the age of consent laws.
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ben41281 says2015-11-25T18:56:12.2286949Z
If someone is old enough to make any decisions about other sometimes more important things, they should be old enough to make the decision weather or not to have sex. We allow children to make decisions about a lot of different things, some with far greater risks to them, than sex. Yet we say they can't make that decision for themselves until they reach an arbitrary age. Is a person who is of the age of consent, more capable of making decisions about their own body than someone who is one month younger than that age? How about a year younger? Is there a limit? Yes, but an arbitrary age, does nothing but make those who's only crime is being in love, lust, or passion. Assuming both partners are willing participants without any coercion or pressure, there should be no restrictions.

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