Should the age of consent be lowered in america ?

Posted by: dilordious

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Yes,it should be

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The age of consent should be lowered in america,because this can lowered the number of rapist and sexual predators in which no real crime has committed.Just because a person much older doesn't mean he would taking advantage of the younger as long as they consented to sexual acts but this is would be a different story if it involved to prepubescent children.Ofcourse prepubescent children can't consent therefore they should be protected.I would believe lowering age of consent would also lower teen pregnancy and STD's infection.


No,it shouldn't

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Lowering age of consent would result in high teen pregnancy rate and STD's infection.Children already suffer enough from teen pregnancy and STD's infection and by lowering the age of consent would make the matter worse.Also it also would increase sexual abuse and exploitation among children.


America should abolish age of consent.

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dilordious says2015-09-08T13:01:42.6646678Z
However by lowering age of consent i would not support child marriage because i think the age of marriage should be raise to 20.But i mean like if a child when they reach age of consent,wants to be in relationship regardless of age difference,it can be an adults or other child,then they should be allowed because people at that age should make their own legal choice decision.
dilordious says2015-09-08T13:02:20.9636498Z
However by lowering age of consent i would not support child marriage because i think the age of marriage should be raise to 20.But i mean like if a child when they reach age of consent,wants to be in relationship regardless of age difference,it can be an adults or other child,then they should be allowed because people at that age should make their own legal choice decision.
dilordious says2015-09-08T13:03:03.4747398Z
However by lowering age of consent i would not support child marriage because i think the age of marriage should be raise to 20.But i mean like if a child when they reach age of consent,wants to be in relationship regardless of age difference,it can be an adults or other child,then they should be allowed because people at that age should make their own legal choice decision.
Bob13 says2015-09-08T21:07:11.8423117Z
This does not belong in philosophy. Put it in politics or society.
Richardsonalj says2015-09-15T15:10:49.8944812Z
If people think that lowering the age of consent is perfectly fine, can't see the repercussions of this were to happen. As a fifteen year old, I never want to see this happen. We're already having issues with graduation rates, and teen pregnancies; lowering the age of consent will ultimately increase in dropouts and teen pregnancies. And any argument saying that, "oh kids married at that age hundreds of years ago...". That was because people had lower lifespans, and parents wanted their children to bear many children, especially nobles. How this would benefit anyone, is beyond me, unless it was statutory rape. I don't want to watch America fall any longer; and If this were to happen, would we be ready for the ultimate outcome? Do we want to see future generations falling harder than before? Do we want to have grandchildren, when our sons and daughters are only sixteen years of age? I hope not.
stephannoi says2015-09-15T16:18:27.4337540Z
That's absolutely not true what you are saying.Countries with low age of consent has the lowest teen pregnancy and STD infection rate,while countries with high age of consent does not have.Compare japan and United state.Japan belong to the top 5 lowest teen pregnancy rate in the world,while United State has the top 1st highest teen pregnancy rate in the world.See the difference ?Please look up on the actual statistic before making up your own conclusion.Because you argument is completely invalid and i have to disagree with.
P.M28 says2015-09-15T17:19:15.6267995Z
The age restriction has not stopped millions of teenagers anyway...
dilordious says2015-09-16T03:25:11.3365534Z
Yes,absolutely right stephannoi.From what i know from the statistic,there are five country with lowest teen pregnancy rate in the world :Netherland,Japan,South Korea,Sweden,and Switzerland
dilordious says2015-09-16T03:26:04.5172943Z
All these countries has low age of consent.
dilordious says2015-09-16T03:31:24.2569439Z
Children and teens would find a way to have sex anyway regardless of the age of consent.So even if you make the age of consent higher does not stop teens and children from breaking the law.
dilordious says2015-09-16T03:34:37.4017820Z
So why not let them choose and make a decision by themselve?Saying that they cannot make informed consent or decision is not true.Some of them might develop better social sense and ability in making informed decision than some adult.While there might be some adult who are naive and immature.
dilordious says2015-09-16T03:42:19.1491419Z
Maturity of people is not in the same stage and degree.Just because you reach the age of majority that does not mean you become all of the sudden mature .So people might reach the age of majority but their minds are still very immature due to lack of life experience that they don't exposure to real world and still have to live under parent supervision.
dilordious says2015-09-16T03:44:33.5752036Z
In my college university i see many people at age between 20 and 22 still has to live under parent supervision.So even if they are adult but they are being raise up comparable to a child.
stephannoi says2015-09-16T04:12:51.7434219Z
Yes,i agree with you dilordious.I think by making age of consen higher only put more innocent people in prison in which no serious harmful effect among teens and children has cause for just because they are under age of consent and don't follow the law,
stephannoi says2015-09-16T04:15:38.3556939Z
If having sex with prepubescent children then is wrong ofcourse.But i didn't say we should support pedophilia and lowering age of consent does not support pedophile either.
countdooku says2015-09-16T04:21:11.8164948Z
@stephannoi Well it's difficult to adjudge.But i would recommend that age of consent should not be lower than 14.
countdooku says2015-09-16T04:22:39.8010588Z
Attraction toward someone who is sexually mature is not a pedophile.Pedophile shows attraction toward prepubescent children who has not reach the puberty age yet.While we lower the age of consent,child molestation will still remain illegal and as a crime.
countdooku says2015-09-16T04:28:29.8361026Z
If an 14 years old wants to have sex with an adult,then they should be allowed by law.But i would support age difference between minor and adult,and age difference between two should not be more than 8.
countdooku says2015-09-16T04:30:32.0472860Z
If the minor feels like they are being manipulated or coerced by an adult then either minor or minors parents should make a complaint and file a police report.
countdooku says2015-09-16T04:32:04.8366808Z
This can prevent minors from being abuse by an adult.So that relationship between two will last long with no one being taking advantage of each other.
countdooku says2015-09-16T04:35:43.6592835Z
But if both minor and adult mutually agree to be in relationship with no coercion then there shouldn't be a problem and law should not interfere.Minors should have right to make their own full decision in whether with whom they want to be in relationship.
countdooku says2015-09-16T04:46:15.1935911Z
Also lowering age of consent does not support the producing filming of child pornography and child prostitution.These types of exploitation will remain illegal and unlawful while we lowering age of consent.
countdooku says2015-09-16T04:47:13.3050811Z
As well as pedophile internet will remain illegal as although.
countdooku says2015-09-16T04:48:43.3817907Z
I agree that having sex with a child under 14 should be illegal under any circumstances.
stephannoi says2015-09-16T04:59:24.5631918Z
@countdooku You make a good explaination.Yes,i agree,There are many cases where minors themselve persuade adult to have sex with them by lying about their actual age,while an adult don't even realize or know their real age.This is due to because some might feel sexual attracted toward adults.
stephannoi says2015-09-16T05:01:14.3722957Z
In this cases you cannot say that an adult taking advantage of minor,because it's more likely that an adult being manipulated by minor.
stephannoi says2015-09-16T05:04:47.9532648Z
Just because an older person is older than you that doesn't you have right to judge them as a master manipulater.
countdooku says2015-09-16T05:11:15.1408503Z
@stephannoi Manipulation/abuse can happen in any sort of relationship.It can also occur in relationship between two adults,or two minors.Even if that person is close in age to you,manipulation/abuse can still occur.
countdooku says2015-09-16T05:13:25.2637867Z
To prevent this,you have to seek help from somebody.If it gone serious until you cannot handle the situation by yourself,then you should make a complaint or file a police report.
countdooku says2015-09-16T05:17:42.0931719Z
If it's not so serious then perhaps it's not necessary that you should make a complaint or file a police report.But find other solution such as talk or discuss to your partner frankly.If he/she prefer not to listen to you,and choose to continue annoying you,then your parents should get involved or just end the relationship.That's it.
countdooku says2015-09-16T05:19:22.0761355Z
Love is Love.And Love is not a crime,you can have right to fall in love with anyone.
dilordious says2015-09-16T09:55:07.3299619Z
You are right count.I find it's just unfair to put innocent in prison.It is not only unfair for an adult,but it's also unfair for children as well.Simply you wouldn't favor to see your love couple to be prosecuted and their whole life been taken away in which your love partner cause no harm to you for just because he/she are much older than you in age difference.
dilordious says2015-09-16T09:56:06.9546907Z
You are right count.I find it's just unfair to put innocent in prison.It is not only unfair for an adult,but it's also unfair for children as well.Simply you wouldn't favor to see your love partner to be prosecuted and their whole life been taken away in which your love partner cause no harm to you for just because he/she are much older than you in age difference.
dilordious says2015-09-16T10:00:16.5933092Z
That's is not the very nice thing you can do.
dilordious says2015-09-16T10:01:23.6113388Z
Lowering age of consent and abolish staturoty rape laws.
stephannoi says2015-09-16T10:11:56.5697962Z
Yes staturoty rape law is stupid and idiotic.We have to set the age limit of the child in which children under certain age are not deemed to be able to give consent or unable to truly agree of the sex act under any circumstances.
stephannoi says2015-09-16T10:14:11.1674590Z
Such as for me i would considered a child under 14 as incapable of given consent,and it penetrative sex with a child under 14 should be convicted to rape.If having sex with a child at 14 or over should not be considered as rape,and should be permitted by law without get charged for staturoty rape.
countdooku says2015-09-16T10:22:07.6499075Z
@stephannoi By your mean,would you say that having sex with a child under 14 should get charged for staturoty rape or should it be considered as child molestation ?
countdooku says2015-09-16T10:25:40.8917751Z
By your mean,having sex with a child under 14 would you considered as staturoty rape or child molestation ??
stephannoi says2015-09-16T10:29:29.7028419Z
I would considered that as child molestation but not staturoty rape.I think staturoty rape law should not be existed anymore.Since once people reach the general puberty age,they understand sexual act and can make informed consent because that's what's our sexual curious developing.
Richardsonalj says2015-09-16T20:43:55.8235029Z
Even so, is lowering the age of consent going to help anything? Why allow teenagers, who are now changing in mind and body, and is reaching sexual maturity (This doesn't mean much in society, after all, look at the age of consent), be allowed to have sex? They are no where near the age where their brains are being fully developed. To allow fourteen year olds, who have probably been learning about sex for a year or two, which is barely enough information for anything, is moronic. Also, some of the countries you mentioned, their cultures are more focused on studies, and sex is treated like a taboo in open public. It is about society. America isn't the same as those other countries. We're more about public freedom and expression, and as a High School student, not many students are focused in school or their studies.
Mister_Man says2015-09-16T20:48:51.7786913Z
I agree with stephanoi. There is no way that sex with someone who is mature enough to say yes to having sex should be considered rape. A 25 year old having sex with a 17 year old is legally rape, which is just stupid. A 17 year old is mature enough to understand what sex is and is mature enough to not be scarred for life for having it with someone a few years older than them.
dilordious says2015-09-16T23:37:19.7302629Z
@Mister_Man While i would considered rape as having sex with someone who is unable to agree with the sex act,or lack of understanding of sex act such as having sex with a mentally handicap or prepubescent children.Or rape can also mean in a result of coercion and physical force with someone.
dilordious says2015-09-16T23:39:54.9454729Z
Such as in UK.The age of consent is 16.But having sex with a child under 13 would considered as rape.Having sex with a child from age 13-15 is not rape,but illegal sexual activity because they are still under age of consent.So this law sounds quite rational and reasonable into me.
dilordious says2015-09-16T23:45:56.2595069Z
I obviously know that Rape of a child is punish very severely and it's a felony with life in prison.But illegal sexual activity with a child is punish less severely perhaps only misdemeanor,i don't actually know about that,but it's just my suggestion.
dilordious says2015-09-16T23:50:29.0949025Z
I just think that people should not get charged for rape for having sex with someone sexually mature with under age of consent.If the person is under age of consent but the sex is consensual then the person should only get charged for corruption of minor or sexual misconduct of minor but just not rape of a child.
stephannoi says2015-09-17T00:08:53.9666204Z
And what penalty would you suggest ??
dilordious says2015-09-17T00:14:08.2320897Z
Me ??If the sex is consensual and minor have ability to understand sex act or ability to make decision of such act but a minor is under age of consent,then perhaps a misdemeanor for just 2 or 3 years in prison with a fine.
dilordious says2015-09-17T00:16:10.8474209Z
But having sex with a child under 13 should be felony because that's clearly a rape,and the person should be life in prison.
dilordious says2015-09-17T00:20:42.0641877Z
But having sex with a person under age of consent i would still considered that as taking advantage but just not rape if the sex between two partner is consensual.
dilordious says2015-09-17T02:17:31.5388917Z
I agree with you dilordious.
stephannoi says2015-09-17T02:19:50.3017812Z
@ Mister_Man How about you ??Where do you live ??And what is the age of consent in your country??
stephannoi says2015-09-17T02:21:00.1434289Z
Do you agree what dilordious have said ??
stephannoi says2015-09-17T02:22:49.1820577Z
@dilordious Anyway thanks for your good explaination.And i like your picture with anakin.Anakin skywalker is my favorite figure in starwars.
Mister_Man says2015-09-17T15:20:38.1830058Z
In Canada, sexual contact is okay at 14 as long as the person is less than two years older, and at 16 if the person is less than 5. After that, it's 18 for sex with anyone, including shooting porn and stripping. I agree that an older person having sex with someone who isn't mature enough to understand really what they're doing and the risks associated with it should not be allowed. But when you hit 14, you've gone through puberty, are usually sexually active in some way or another, and understand almost everything there is to know about sex. Which is why I think the age limit should be dropped to around 15.
Mister_Man says2015-09-17T15:22:37.8045726Z
And I agree that sex with someone under 13 (if you're over 19) should be a crime, however sex with someone under 18 (if you're over 18) shouldn't be anything, maybe at the very most a discussion with a counsellor involving both of the participants.
stephannoi says2015-09-17T15:27:31.1203079Z
Maybe if sexual activity between with a child at age 13-15 should only be a fine without prison term or just like you said providing a counsellor.But just it not necessary to make it as a felony,because that would be simply unfair.
stephannoi says2015-09-17T15:30:28.2461141Z
Wait you said that a 16 years old can have sex with someone who is less than 5 years older.So for example : A 20 years old can have sex with a 16 years old in canada ???
stephannoi says2015-09-17T15:31:08.6922475Z
@ Mister_Man
Mister_Man says2015-09-17T15:32:54.0085226Z
I agree, sending someone to prison over it is super overkill. 13 year olds are going through puberty and are becoming sexually active, although it can be detrimental for them to enter a relationship with someone much older, simply having sexual relations with someone a little older is the opposite of a bad thing. I'd say at the very most, involve a counsellor, as both people want the sex to happen. It makes sense, and like you said, is fair. And yes, a 21 year old can have sex with a 16 year old as long as there isn't more than a 5 year age difference. So 4 years 11 months is fine.
dilordious says2015-09-17T15:46:31.1746316Z
I would assume that age difference between 13 years old and an older partner should not be more than 7.It should be at least maximum 7 years age difference but not more than that.
Mister_Man says2015-09-17T15:48:24.9600902Z
Yeah that makes sense. I still think the age of consent to everything (sex with anyone, porn, etc) should be 16. But yeah you make sense with that. I know some 13 year olds who are incredibly mature for their age, and although I'm not gonna have sex with them, I can understand if someone around the age of 17 or 18 would, and it wouldn't hurt either of them. It's a victimless crime.
lordsidious says2015-09-18T03:42:27.9521981Z
Well,yes,and not all child molesters are adult,and most of them are juveniles ,only some of them are adults.
stephannoi says2015-09-18T03:45:39.3186248Z
Yes,you are right lordsidious.My cousin is a police officer and i will explain you the truth fact about child sexual abuse from the FBI Statistic Data.
stephannoi says2015-09-18T03:47:28.8469269Z
According to FBI Statistic Data shows that juvenile account for more than one third (35.6%)of those known to police to have committed sex offenses against minors.
stephannoi says2015-09-18T03:48:46.1922227Z
Juvenile who commit sex offenses against other children are more likely to offend in groups and at schools and to have more male victims and younger victims.
stephannoi says2015-09-18T03:52:05.8267024Z
Juvenile sex offenders are also much more likely to target young children as their victims.So the proportion of victim younger than 13 is 59% for juvenile sex offenders,compared with 39 % for adult sex offenders.
dilordious says2015-09-18T05:04:01.3117667Z
So from the statistic,there children under 13 are more likely to being abused by juvenile rather than by adults ?
stephannoi says2015-09-18T05:10:54.4701119Z
Yes,the percentage rate of juvenile child molesters are much higher than by by adult child molesters in comparison.So yes children under 13 are more likely to be sexually abused by juveniles individual under 18 age.
stephannoi says2015-09-18T10:45:25.4489789Z
So an adults are not always to blame in child molestation .
dilordious says2015-09-18T10:50:46.5959610Z
But the public like to use the term ,,pedophilia'' to describe a person who commit sex offenses against minors and though they are always adult predators.Do you think that's right ?
stephannoi says2015-09-18T10:54:02.4864167Z
No,that's wrong.Don't always believe what the public say.Because not all adults commit sex offenses against minors,and from the statistic shows that most of minors under 13 are not sexually abused by adults,but by juvenile instead.
stephannoi says2015-09-18T10:56:06.6944129Z
Believe me or not,most of child molesters do not have strong sexual interest toward prepubescent children and are subsequently not pedophile.The definition of pedophile just mean sexual attraction toward prepubescent children,but it's not always link to child molesters.
stephannoi says2015-09-18T11:00:10.9220069Z
Some pedophile do not molest children.There might be some pedophile who have sense of guilt like us and are reflective,sensitive to the feelings of others,averse risk,and endorse attitudes and beliefs supportive of norms and the laws and these type of people do not abuse children.
stephannoi says2015-09-18T11:02:59.6548517Z
While child molesters do not have sense of guilt at all which it's different from some pedophile,and act without concern that can severe have an effect on the child.Their main motive of abusing children is because of their anti-social tendencies which is unrelated to sexual attraction.
stephannoi says2015-09-18T11:06:08.5276838Z
Child molesters can also exhibit other disorder like psychopathy,sociopath,and etc...)and these people are often violent,lack of empathy,and brutal.
dilordious says2015-09-18T11:08:58.9149630Z
And why juvenile sexual abuse our children??Or what are the main motive or reason to commit such kind of act ??
stephannoi says2015-09-18T11:16:42.3678728Z
Interesting question from you.Well from what i survey from my experience,most sexual abuse victims do not become sex offenders in adolescence or adulthood.But juvenile sex offenders come from variety of social and family backgrounds and can either be well functioning or have multiple problems.
stephannoi says2015-09-18T11:18:55.1507850Z
A number have experienced a high accumulated burden of adversity,including maltreatment or exposure to violence,others have not.
stephannoi says2015-09-18T11:21:23.8128851Z
Some might watch pornography at very young age,this could also be another reason why juvenile commit sex offenses against our children.
dilordious says2015-09-18T12:19:46.4321905Z
Yeah i agree with you stephannoi.
ghostrecon says2015-12-03T09:47:36.6895332Z
In my opinion age of consent should be lowered to coincide with puberty age.Anyone who has not gone through puberty cannot be allowed to have sex.
ghostrecon says2015-12-03T09:52:07.2923370Z
Children can consent sex,and once when we past the puberty most girl of would like to initiate it.
Wolfram says2016-09-03T19:25:34.4908077Z
I'll support the idea of 16 years old as an age of consent However, only if that child is still under the discipline of parents. Good parenting would give a child a good lesson of life. Besides, at the age of 18, they'd leave the house and missed that sort of chance. The same concept can apply on the drinking age. One way or another, good parenting is a must.
Wolfram says2016-09-03T19:38:00.9807630Z
@ghostrecon Puberty is a weak argument because children at the age of puberty mostly don't have the kind of education that weighs toward to self-responislbiity, ethics, principles of lifestyle and choice making. Hence, puberty age as a consent age is unacceptable. The consent alone is not good enough. It must be weight with ethics, morals, and responsibility.

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