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chokerboy12345 says2018-04-26T19:13:07.3781700Z
Germany was in the right both times #fuck you
Killerd00m says2018-04-26T19:27:30.1361700Z
noyou says2018-04-27T13:34:38.4913713Z
No you
LoveRichardDawkins says2018-07-06T15:50:01.7268439Z
Germany is responsible entirely for the war with the great powers because it invaded neutral belgium. It caused huge levels or damage and suffering and deserved to be punished as well as to rebuild the allied countries. Mind you, everyone on here is an American and so has no understanding of the damage done to Britain, France and Belgium by Germany. The failure of Versailles was the failure of the treaty to be enforced. The French were right to invade the Ruhr when Germany did not pay. Its a shame that America sat on its arse as the world descended into chaos. And Britain also were a bunch of sissies through appeasing blatant German aggression
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2018-07-06T15:58:19.1952439Z
LoveRiichardDawkins But the war only started because Russia mobilised it's millitary and provoked Germany into protecting it's aly. Also how can you blame America for the effects of the first and second world wars when they were not involved with anything other than trade? Fact is Germany only did what it had to to survive. The treaty of Versailles was meant to punish a nationwhich only sought to protect it's ally.
LoveRichardDawkins says2018-07-06T16:53:16.3176439Z
Spiffy-Gonzalez - Russia did mobilise but it did not invade. Plus, mobilisation of a separate country (whether allied or not) does not excuse you from invading and raping (Germany committed horrific war crimes against Belgians Btw) a sovereign and neutral country. I do blame America from leaving the League of Nations and refusing to support the allies from trying to stop Nazi Germany. Hitler rose to power not because of Versailles but because of the great depression (just look at Nazi election success in the 20s for christs sake!). Germany deserved punishment - it started a horrific war which it actually wanted (just read some speeches from German politicians during the early 20th century). Nobody here is a historian so never mind. You lot just hate Britain and France for wanting to punish a country that inflicted so much pain! America on the other hand has never historically been an advocate of democracy and freedom
emmhuis says2018-10-28T03:08:09.1173818Z
WW1? No, Not unless they were going to punish themselves too.

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