Should the bible be read literally or taken metaphorically?

Posted by: Mikal

Are the stories in the bible true, or are some of the stories just a good example to live by?

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Should be taken metaphorically

Leave out the bad stories and just take the good ones for what they are
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Read it Literally

Adam talked to a snake and Noah had ever species of animal in existence on a boat and repopulated the world.
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KingHenrikLundqvist says2013-09-04T03:03:43.5961457-05:00
It doesn't mean anything
Sitara says2013-09-04T16:39:32.8340607-05:00
It depends on the context. Sometimes yes, and sometimes no.
mikaylamarcel says2013-09-13T10:15:28.5620588-05:00
The Bible can mean multiple things, to take the Bible seriously is a bit ludicrous (but completely someone's choice), to take parts of the Bible metaphorically isn't something you should or should not do. It's all about people's opinion on the text and how to process it, some people process it literally and some people process it metaphorically..
Morgana42 says2013-12-09T00:46:56.0075241-06:00
It should be taken for what it is: literature and mythology.
yay842 says2013-12-09T00:47:24.7607081-06:00
Should be taken for what it is: a book for people to read

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