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  • No

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29% 4 votes
  • yes women should be able to anything men vcan do so why cant this include being a priste

  • Interesting thing about translation. There is a word in the bible in its original language that means either something equivent to priest, or it can meam servent. Later when it was translated to modern tounges, the sexists of the time just so happened to translate it to servent when it referred to a woman and priest when it referred to men. Im not saying anything, just think about that. Honestly, the church should do whatever it wants because people can just go to a different one. their going to lose a lot of support and membership if they continue being this way. After all especially in the case of catholosism, i can say as someone who was raised catholic that women are the center pf that chuch. Theyre the ones who attend. The men dint really go to Mass half as much. Its the women that go to Mass, take their kids if they have them which a lot do because their catholic, raise those kids catholic, and run religious ed classes and social events. And yet even after keeping these churches going basically single handedly, they are given no opportunity to have any say in the message sent out by the priests or become them themselves. Theyre still told that having a say in interpreting and spreading the gospel isn't their place. That theyre secondary and that the man always has to be the leader im the family's religious life within the family and the structure of the church itself no matter what they do to try and earn a place they shouldnt have had to earn in the first place. Men didnt have to earn it they just were aloud to forever.

    Posted by: Stefy
  • God gave women many gifts: the power to produce the next generation(making life), the power of intuition and the ability to be naturally kind, loving and caring to name a few. Today women are increasingly contributing intellectually to the world, and since more and more women are receiving access to good education, the number of successful women is soaring( source:Scientific American). Men are being intimidated and are finding it hard to compete with the feminine brain power(source:Atlantic magazine). Most of the humanitarians and charity workers are women showing how much women contribute to making the world a better place(Charity Navigator). And guess what men have: strength. God decided that he was going to give men something special so that they would feel better about themselves and that is priesthood. Nonetheless priesthood does not compare to what mothers to for God's children, and women can become nuns unlike men.

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Preston says2015-07-13T10:38:31.4060462-05:00
I want a dice that has all O's and all N's so i can role them and get the word "ON" then people will be so confused
Stefy says2015-07-13T15:40:32.2803058-05:00
Love how applestoapples assumes all women are or have any desire to be either mothers or nuns. Women have more options then that and want to do more thigs than that. Also, its not womens job to back of from certain roles like priests just so men can feel good about themselves. Women and men do sometimes think and process differently but they are absolute intellectual equals. And as for the strength thing, yes guys gain muscle easier when they want to but the whole "stronger sex" is stupid. Strength on more of an individual basis rather than a sex basis. Dont believe me? Get an average guy off the street and tell him to go beat Serena Williams in a fight.

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