Should the Cincinnati Zoo have taken an alternative approach to killing Harambe? If so, what way?

Posted by: SegBeg

39 Total Votes

No. Killing was the only option

16 votes

Yes. They should have used a tranquilizer

12 votes

Yes. They should have let the boy die and let Harambe live

8 votes

Yes. They should have wrestled the gorilla

3 votes
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Kirigaya-Kazuto says2016-09-08T16:08:05.5526265Z*:*&output-quality=75
ButterCatX says2016-09-08T16:17:23.0806678Z
ButterCatX says2016-09-08T16:18:30.5862331Z
Roses are red, my soul is blue, thats cause there's one less gorilla at the cincinnati zoo
Skeptical1 says2016-09-08T21:36:58.2283172Z
Logical fallacy. The question assumes that if Harambe had lived, the boy would have died. There is no reason to conclude that.
Bjorik says2016-09-08T22:41:32.0559088Z
I struggle between the fact that there is an abundance of humans on the planet, children are the least worth of us since society have not payed for their education etc AND the fact that Gorillas are a slave species beneath us in rank and maybe we should make an example of Gorillas that threaten human spawn. But the options were so limited and one sided that I said "No. Killing was the only option".
NewLifeChristian says2016-09-08T22:49:42.3094919Z
For those who voted "Yes. They should have used a tranquilizer." you do realize that a tranquilizer would've just angered Harambe even more, right? Killing him was the only option, or else the child would have died. Here's my source:
Skeptical1 says2016-09-09T02:03:40.7998038Z
Q: How many times have humans found themselves in primate enclosures at zoos? A: At least four on record. Q: How many times have primates in captivity killed a human? A: Zero. Yep, no choice. Those primates are vicious killers. Shoot 'em all.
Heterodox says2016-09-09T05:47:57.9764672Z
Where was the "They shoulda tossed in some bananas to distract him" option?
MiraclePress says2016-09-15T14:39:07.9960031Z
RIP Harambe :(

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