Should the Confederate Battle Flag be Taken Down from the South Carolina Capitol Building?

Posted by: PericIes

  • Yes

  • No

49% 33 votes
51% 34 votes
  • South Carolina should not have any flag flying over its Capitol other than the U.S. flag and the South Carolina flag. Any connotations associated with the Confederate flag are irrelevant, as on its face it should not be up there anyway.

  • The confederacy is pretty much the definition of the bad part of American history, there is nothing redeeming about them. They didn't want to be apart of America. They held slaves, and abused the freedoms they were given. Also, the battle flag was brought back during the civil rights era to by the former Confederate states to show they didn't want to integrate. After this flags bad past, anyone who thinks it's a symbol of pride is either ignorant, anti-american, or racist.

  • Those that want to rewrite history need that flag gone, so history can be repeated.

    Posted by: Ontime
  • It has become a symbol of rasism

  • Hasn't it already?

  • The flag in front of the capital was put up in 1961 about the time black people started to want rights and protest, so South Carolina put to try and "Put them in their place". About the Confederate flag in general well the whole Confederacy was founded on "The Negro is not equal to the white man"

  • No. Please stop. This is the *counts* sixth poll about this. The Confederate flag is about a breakaway faction, not racism. Considering blacks kill more of each other than whites ever have, gang symbols would be more racist than this, but I see graffiti by public buildings all the time. *whining about how graffiti is illegal from the peanut gallery* And if the Federal government steps in to shut down that Confederate flag, which is on the state flags of a couple States? Something's a little fishy. We will rise again.

  • As much as people see this as a flag of hate it is actually a flag of pride for many southerners that have roots in the South. This flag represents the unification of the southern states in a dire and hectic time and contrary to popular belief doesn't represent hate or slavery as a MAJORITY of southern farms didn't even own slaves. By removing this flag you effectively are erasing history and to suggest that, oh its just a bunch of bigots fighting over their property is an extremely ignorant stance. Southerners fought for the preservation of their farming lifestyle which they saw at risk when the southern states were in the Union. It may not be important to you but, for those whom have ancestors it represents an important time period that shouldn't be wiped out.

  • Lincoln and Grant were slave owners, Lee wasn't. The current American flag is the one that I see that represents oppression. 9/10 Union troops were slave owners and it is the American flag that the kkk held high up until at least the 1950's. The confederate flag is a symbol of heritage and is flown to honor all of the confederate soldiers who fought and died to stand up for freedom and try to keep our country from the mess it has become today. The confederate flag should stay where it is and more should be added to every street corner in this country. Our nation would be a much better place if the confederate flag was adopted as our national flag!

  • Would you like to really tick off those true White Supremacy racists? Stop talking about it, ignore it, get on with life and pay it no mind. With everyone crying racism, we forget the basics of symbols...they only have the power and meaning we give to them. Seriously, think about it: The Swastika was used for no less than 5,000 years prior to Adolf Hitler. In fact, it is still used today in religions like Hinduism and Buddhism; go to India and you will see it EVERYWHERE. It originally meant "Good Fortune" and represents the movement of the sun. The morons in Nazi Germany just ignorantly and narcissistically thought it was a religious relic of their ancestors. The only reason it carries such a negative connotation and disgusts people so much is because we let it. So, bottom line...things only represent what we want them to represent and what we allow the symbol to represent. What if, in popular American Culture, we started referring to the Confederate Flag as the symbol of weak, childish, and insecure eunuchs? Or better yet, what if Black Americans and, even better, Africans, all took possession of the flag and started using it as a "Black Power" flag? How ABSOLUTELY TICKED OFF would White Supremacists be? Would that not end this entire discussion? HEY, then Black Americans would have their very own flag that so many places and businesses refuse to give up. Just a thought there guys...hope you like it. :)

  • 1% of slave owners started the Civil war? Really. This flag represents the southern states refusal to join the union, and fought for our Constitutional rights as man and as states to govern themselves. Whether the federal government likes that or not. Our founding fathers fought for those rights and the union tried to take them. It is a reminder to the federal government not to become corrupt. We will not let our rights be infringed upon. FLY IT HIGH!!!

  • Ironic how most of the racism ignorant remarks are from the other side.

  • always throwing slavery in every white persons face everyday and being forced to live it over and over every february is the cause to another civil war i support my heritage and that flag my kids will be raised the same

  • No keep it just to remember the Confederate states of America and the Civil war

    Posted by: Caseo7
  • The Confederate flag is a symbol of Southern Pride. We remember all of the soldiers that die, right? Well so many Confederate soldiers died during the Civil War. So, we can just brush all of their names and their legacies out of history. As long as we're all politically correct, right guys?

  • It's a sign of southern heritage and history.

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Atheist-Independent says2015-06-27T20:32:04.6953342-05:00
How is the Confederate flag any different from the Nazi or Soviet flag? They are all the flags of the US' enemies and the Confederate flag should have the same stigma that is associated with the ladder two flags.
PericIes says2015-06-27T20:34:18.2469035-05:00
I agree with your opinion, but not the reason, in a sense. The government of Carolina should not fly a flag besides its own and that of the United States. Any other flag should not be flown. Any connotations associated with the flag are irrelevant.
PericIes says2015-06-27T20:34:38.9193012-05:00
*South Carolina
58539672 says2015-06-27T21:01:00.4379402-05:00
@Atheist-Independent The confederate battle flag is different than the Nazi and Soviet flag in that it was used by Americans. To many it is simple a representation of their regions, states, ancestors, etc. pride, and whether people admit it or not, is an important part of American history.
PericIes says2015-06-27T21:06:45.2259736-05:00
@58539672 (Just going to call you ACDC from now on because I don't feel like typing those numbers again.) Well, the people who actually used the flag during the Civil War didn't consider themselves to be Americans. And, during the Civil War, regardless of whether or not they were recognized, they kind of weren't. They had their own culture, distinct from that of the North, and they had a reasonably effective system of government in place. Unless by "American" you mean "someone from either North or South America," in which case your argument is self-defeating, because there are many national flags involved there. I actually agree with your vote; I just felt the need to point this out.
58539672 says2015-06-27T23:25:39.9493883-05:00
@Pericles I understand. My name is often to much for people to quickly type, so Im completely open to nicknames or abbreviations. Now onto the topic at hand. The full name of the rebels were the Confederate States of America who tried to succeed from the United States of America. Lets dissect those two names. Both are referring to the states of America. Whether they were united or confederated, both regarded themselves as states of America. On a side note, the USA never recognized the CSA right to exist, so to them they were still USA citizens. And although their culture was different, it wasn't really that different. Both sides had an abundance of relatable qualities that can categorize them as a single people. Even today, culture from one side of the country is very different from a culture on another side, and they're all still considered Americans (because they are close enough).
Wylted says2015-06-28T07:45:12.6344993-05:00
Whatever the people there want. I see no compelling reasons to keep it, or get rid of it.
tajshar2k says2015-06-28T09:37:58.0483987-05:00
No government should be endorsing a flag that represents slavery. Thats like Germany hoisting the flag of the Wehrmacht. That too is a battle flag, but it still represents Nazism.
Capitalism101 says2015-06-28T10:28:44.5839222-05:00
The flag doesn't represent HATE or Slavery, it represents the struggle for southerners who fought against the Union for their lifestyle and one of the most American traits, freedom. Freedom from the northerners trying to control their lives by telling them how they should conduct their farming business. This is also not a "battle flag", it was a newly formed nations flag, #tajshar2k is ignorant.
tajshar2k says2015-06-28T10:32:05.2034450-05:00
Care to explain why I'm ignorant? Also, the title of the poll clearly says battle flag...
GarlicBred24 says2015-06-28T10:33:14.9211857-05:00
There farming business used slaves to get their work done. Couldn't expect any other comment from a racist Conservative like you.
Capitalism101 says2015-06-28T10:54:01.9779671-05:00
1st off im not conservative nor liberal. 2nd more than 75% of farmers in the south didn't even own slaves. 3rd You are comparing this to the Nazi Flag which has no comparison. You're taking the ignorant path because your saying this flag represents Slavery when, it actually represented a newly formed nation of prideful southerners. People from the South fought for MULTIPLE reasons and only a small percent fought for preservation of Slaves. Don't be ignorant and paint every single southerner with that message. A flag that represents the genocide of millions of Jews is not comparable to the southerners fight for their country. Your welcome for your history lesson.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-06-28T11:13:01.1898746-05:00
@Capitalism101 OK, you COMPLETELY failed to actually read my comment, the Nazi Flag was NEVER compared...The Swastika was. Additionally, it was NOT compared, it was a simile used to discuss SYMBOLISM. Furthermore, if you would have actually READ the entry, you would have found, at the end of my comment, it was comedic to show how easily and quickly meanings of symbols can be changed when we want them to be. Also, again if you read, you would see that I stated symbols are WHAT PEOPLE AND CULTURE WANT THEM TO MEAN. This means that if SOME groups want to see it a racist as we see in this website, they can and will, others may see it otherwise. Finally, you're VERY welcome for your 5th Grade reading comprehension lesson.
Capitalism101 says2015-06-28T11:22:54.0792761-05:00
@MakeSensePeopleDont Who are you!?!?? I wasn't even addressing you, I was educating some high school drop outs. One of whom attempted to COMPARE both flags. Thank you for your irrelevant intervention.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-06-28T11:31:14.5681007-05:00
@Capitalism101 LOL Funny. Just REALLY seemed like you were talking to me as you mirrored my comments AND you posted that a few minutes after I posted my voting comment. Seems like you were talking about my post. However, to be fair, it may have been directed at everyone else. I will chalk it up to pure coincidence :)
Capitalism101 says2015-06-28T13:18:22.4030596-05:00
@MakeSensePeopleDont Yea it's hilarious.
tajshar2k says2015-06-28T13:42:18.6709044-05:00
Please, tell this "high school dropout" where you got your information from. Remember Fox News doesn't count.
coppertop says2015-06-28T13:48:57.4541993-05:00
To all you haters out there, like it or not the confederate flag is our constitutional right! It is a flag that represents the history of the states its flown in, you don't have to like it! It just is! You don't see white people whining about everything, maybe it's because we all got jobs! We have to work just to support all those non working flag haters! So don't bite the hand that feeds you!
tajshar2k says2015-06-28T13:50:20.2221687-05:00
If you want to represent your southern pride, nobody is stopping you from hoisting the flag on your property. The government doesn't have to hoist it.
stargate says2015-06-28T13:51:41.1659399-05:00
Why should it stay?
coppertop says2015-06-28T13:53:15.2485653-05:00
The government should fly the flag because it represents the history of the state! If u don't like American history, feel free to leave!
tajshar2k says2015-06-28T13:57:31.7817138-05:00
Really? Most Americans want the flag gone, so if you don't like it, you can leave. It's not like the South give America a good reputation...
coppertop says2015-06-28T14:00:43.2214098-05:00
Most Americans want the flag to stay and that's why you're on here so upset, because you aren't getting your way! It's the half Americans that want it gone, I say half because they effectively gave up half their citizenship and rights when they adopted the term African Americans, they are all guilty of treason!
GarlicBred24 says2015-06-28T14:01:23.0997770-05:00
Disgusting rednecks, nobody wants to keep a flag representing your pathetic way of life in our government buildings. If you don't like it, do America a big favor, and disappear!
reece says2015-06-28T14:02:17.3127809-05:00
@coppertop like how a great majority of confederates left even before the war ended? Meany of them moved to south america to try to own slaves but they just ended up settling down and having children with them. They were a bunch of f_cking morons. The irony. Yeah, true Americans my @ss.
coppertop says2015-06-28T14:05:41.2867034-05:00
Redneck is a racial slur same as NIg**r. So you tell me who the racists are?
coppertop says2015-06-28T14:08:48.0222944-05:00
I grew up with black friends and I was never racist, the events of the last year have disgusted me so much that I can see how you people created Dylan Roof. Last thing you people want is to create a million more like him! Ive seen a lot of peoples attitudes change over race in the last year. You people need to stop the war you have waged against whites or you may just get a war!
GarlicBred24 says2015-06-28T14:11:16.4279483-05:00
Wow, after reading what you wrote for Racial profiling, its pretty hard to believe you had black friends. Stop trying to act like you aren't racist when you are. Also, redneck isn't a racial slur, its a slang name for poor southerners.
Varrack says2015-06-28T14:13:21.7295579-05:00
There really is no reason to keep a Confederate flag on the capitol building. It represents war and destruction, just like the Nazi flag does. Why would hoist a flag that represents the nation that was *vicious enemies* and at ends with the US on a US building? It makes no sense. And I don't care about your southern pride, it doesn't have any business on federal buildings.
reece says2015-06-28T14:13:45.5356157-05:00
@coppertop the confederate flag is nothing to be proud of. Would you be okay with Germany hanging up the swastika?
tajshar2k says2015-06-28T14:16:05.2163831-05:00
You still are the racists. The South and the rural north east were voted the most racist places in America.
coppertop says2015-06-28T14:17:02.7406898-05:00
I had black friends up until my race was attacked so yes now im pro white, its no different than all you blacks being racist!
Varrack says2015-06-28T14:17:58.6660835-05:00
@coppertop, redneck is not a racial slur. If it was once, it isn't now.
tajshar2k says2015-06-28T14:18:07.1058458-05:00
I'm not black...
coppertop says2015-06-28T14:18:14.1727817-05:00
I have no problem with the swastika
tajshar2k says2015-06-28T14:19:12.0733875-05:00
You said you never were racist earlier, now you're saying you are Pro white.
coppertop says2015-06-28T14:19:18.5396195-05:00
What is their to be proud of in Africa?
coppertop says2015-06-28T14:21:15.6042707-05:00
Then quit acting like u r and have some self respect and learn where u came from!
reece says2015-06-28T14:22:06.2584448-05:00
@coppertop that was where our most critical steps of evolution happened.
coppertop says2015-06-28T14:22:09.9401156-05:00
How smart are u? Can you read? Look at what I stated!
reece says2015-06-28T14:23:32.6712010-05:00
@coppertop we're all African apes,
Varrack says2015-06-28T14:24:32.3499732-05:00
coppertop says2015-06-28T14:26:15.6183599-05:00
Over the coarse of mankinds existent on this planet, all races evolved except for 1, can we guess which one it was that didn't make it out of the trees? Stop making excuses for that failure, stand up get a job and make a difference. Don't pick apart my words and think you are gonna get my respect or anybody elses for that matter. Respect is earned so get off the foodstamps and get a job!
coppertop says2015-06-28T14:28:38.3439057-05:00
The swastika has nothing to do with American history, whats wrong with you people?
coppertop says2015-06-28T14:32:58.3121079-05:00
The flag did not create Dylan Roof, I believe the events of the last year, the war against whites that created him, you people aren't making friends! You are making enemies! I myself have come to hate the black race in the last year, why shouldn't I, we are being attacked and reverse racism is running rampid! So you pro black racists created Dylan Roof and you are tryn to find something else to pin it on, but that's just making more people hate you!
reece says2015-06-28T14:33:38.2684766-05:00
@coppertop Animals don't stop evolving. So you make assumptions before getting to know crucial things about the person?
coppertop says2015-06-28T14:35:56.6687452-05:00
Monkeys quit evolving when mankind separated themselves from the trees, the monkeys couldn't figure out how to get out of the limbs, so we still have monkeys indeed.
coppertop says2015-06-28T14:38:22.4373496-05:00
As far as assumptions go, I know my race is under attack and Im not gonna give the time of day to anybody supporting the side that's attacking it and destroying our country, so stand up for those rapists and murders if u want, I know where I stand and maybe one day when somebody you love becomes a victim of a black assailant maybe you will figure out where your feet should be!
reece says2015-06-28T14:40:26.7057403-05:00
@coppertop *facepalm* we have a common ancestor far older than our common ancestor to chimpanzees, etc. It's safe to say you're a redneck.
reece says2015-06-28T14:41:44.7051068-05:00
@coppertop Oh the irony.
coppertop says2015-06-28T14:41:56.0621252-05:00
You make racial slurs against your own race. Your veins are full of water, Im through talking to you, you aren't even a man!
reece says2015-06-28T14:43:12.0043856-05:00
@coppertop yes i'm white but i'm not uneducated. You wouldn't be in the right to call me a redneck.
reece says2015-06-28T14:45:24.8565404-05:00
Plus i don't live in the US.
tajshar2k says2015-06-28T14:48:18.4878794-05:00
Africa is actually more useful to the world, compared to the south. At least you can watch the elephants.
coppertop says2015-06-28T14:50:32.0643996-05:00
You are indeed uneducated and a fool, all the college in the world won't teach you right from wrong! Those people you defend so intently have raped over a million white women in the last decade. Good luck finding an instance where a white raped a black. This is what you are standing for, this is your motive, what your education has brought you. People like you created Dylan Roof, not very smart or educated, so call me a red neck and use the racial slurs, if it makes you feel better and it is your educated response to fight racism. So am i an undeducated white boy, yes, but smarter than you, yes,and yes have recently chosen what side to stand on and if im labeled racist because of it, then so be it, idc. Those blacks you defend don't care who they kill, look at the news this past weekend, little kids shot in the street, and this is what you stand up for? You are such a smart man.
GarlicBred24 says2015-06-28T14:52:58.7004680-05:00
Please leave. Nobody cares about what you have to say. It's funny how you tell us to get an education, when the South has the worst education system in America. If you do not like blacks, thats fine, the rest of us civilized people are smart enough not to judge people based on their skin color. #F*cktheSouth.
tajshar2k says2015-06-28T14:54:40.2493748-05:00
I wonder what BriantheLiberal would say...
reece says2015-06-28T14:55:30.2417822-05:00
@coppertop Okay, people like you can keep running your country into the ground while us more prosperous countries will thrive.
reece says2015-06-28T14:57:05.3219789-05:00
..Us more prosperous and enlightened countries will thrive..* i should say.
coppertop says2015-06-28T14:57:05.6339849-05:00
You leave, im here to stay, just like that flag you hate, and while you don't like to hear what i have to say, you may be surprised to know that most americans feel the same way i do., Oh and I'm not from the south, just wish I would be. And I didn't use skin color to determine my judgements of others, i used fbi statistics and watched a war be waged against my race. So go back go Africa little fella
Varrack says2015-06-28T14:57:07.9272290-05:00
Lol, coppertop even admits he is racist! "I've come to hate the black race in the last year." Congrats, you are now an official troll.
Capitalism101 says2015-06-28T14:59:21.8376052-05:00
Comments Section seems more like race slander now
GarlicBred24 says2015-06-28T15:00:00.3899469-05:00
I'm white, and I'm from St.Louis. If I use FBI statistics, white people are more likely to commit mass murders than blacks. Also, most Americans don't support your evil flag, unless you can prove it.
GarlicBred24 says2015-06-28T15:00:59.7653001-05:00
@Capitalism101 You shouldn't be talking.
coppertop says2015-06-28T15:01:06.7864352-05:00
Oh there we go with the name calling again, so educated you ppl r, and let me c what did u miss, umm cracker whitey , what other derogatory terms do u use against my race and then u claim your ppl aren't racist. Lol you people are a joke and everybody sees right through u. Im not afraid to say where I stand, but you try to pretend you aren't racist and yet u let the slurs fly. So now maybe you can see why i recently decided to hate u ppl!
Forthelulz says2015-06-28T15:01:31.7787347-05:00
Considering we had a moron named royan running around before airmax banhammered him, coppertop was entirely justified.
coppertop says2015-06-28T15:08:55.5064874-05:00
Dear garlic bread, fbi.Gov will have all the per capita statistics you need, stop lying to the world, its there for everybody to look at. Per capita basically 1/2 of you ppl should b in jail, because you've either done something or you most likely will. Look at per capita, its sad and as much as you ppl don't want to accept the truth it is right there in front of you, and only you ppl can change it, but you r to busy trying to find excuses for the failures of your race. I grew up poor also and i don't use it as a crutch or reason to commit violent crimes. You ppl are failures and you are in denial, even your president is the biggest flop ever.
GarlicBred24 says2015-06-28T15:11:36.1119772-05:00
Once again, I'm not black. And why don't you actually link the information, rather than just say it?
coppertop says2015-06-28T15:15:49.8102602-05:00
[link to] , take out the quotations, i can give u as many links as you need
coppertop says2015-06-28T15:17:30.3380072-05:00
----------------------------------------------------------- Based on current rates of first incarceration, an estimated 32% of black males will enter State or Federal prison during their lifetime, compared to 17% of Hispanic males and 5.9% of white males. [link to] At midyear 2007 there were 4,618 black male sentenced prisoners per 100,000 black males in the United States, compared to 1,747 Hispanic male sentenced prisoners per 100,000 Hispanic males and 773 white male sentenced prisoners per 100,000 white males. [link to] In 2005, Homicide offending rates for blacks were more than 7 times higher than the rates for whites [link to] Lifetime Likelihood of Going to State or Federal Prison This Special Report presents lifetime chances of going to State or Federal prison by age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin. Using standard demographic lifetable techniques, and assuming that recent incarceration rates remain unchanged, an estimated 1 of every 20 persons (5%) can be expected to serve time in prison during their lifetime. The lifetime chances of a person going to prison are higher for men (9%) than for women (1%) and higher for blacks (16%) and Hispanics (9%) than for whites (2%). At current levels of incarceration newborn black males in this country have a greater than a 1 in 4 chance of going to prison during their lifetimes, while Hispanic males have a 1 in 6 chance, and white males have a 1 in 23 chance of serving time. 3/97 NCJ 160092 [link to] The US Dept. Of Justice Website also reports that in England and Wales, blacks are 2% of the population, but 11% of inmates: [link to]
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-06-28T15:17:52.6606558-05:00
@coppertop I'm right along with you but could you watch the whole "You people" phrase you keep tossing around. It boxes an entire group into a stereotypical group. Be a little more friendly and I'll be more than happy to help you out copper. :)
coppertop says2015-06-28T15:19:41.2789372-05:00
Ok, as far as the you people comments, they were directed at those who have declared war on the white race!
reece says2015-06-28T15:20:32.4841223-05:00
It's all about war with you guys lol
reece says2015-06-28T15:20:58.5924377-05:00
Primitive conservatives.
coppertop says2015-06-28T15:23:18.4811304-05:00
Reece are you by chance brittish
reece says2015-06-28T15:24:05.7228392-05:00
@coppertop Better. I'm kiwi.
reece says2015-06-28T15:24:30.7019198-05:00
You can't touche me.
tajshar2k says2015-06-28T15:25:18.7624500-05:00
@reece No offense, but you guys played horrible against Australia. 182 runs really?
reece says2015-06-28T15:26:11.7758018-05:00
@tajshar2k I don't do sport.
coppertop says2015-06-28T15:26:20.8108437-05:00
I wouldn't want to touch u, Im not that kinda fella, but im starting to c which way your door swings
tajshar2k says2015-06-28T15:27:06.6485255-05:00
@reece Oh, but still that was pretty sad to watch.
reece says2015-06-28T15:27:36.9941093-05:00
@coppertop You can imply i'm gay all you want, i don't give a f_ck you primitive.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-06-28T15:28:57.6950663-05:00
Guys, guys, guys....Relax; it's a debate not a personal attack site. You're taking it too far for realzies
Varrack says2015-06-28T15:29:45.5688005-05:00
Coppertop we know what the stats are. That gives us no reason to hate blacks though. You're going to find that people here are not as tolerant towards racists as with normal people.
coppertop says2015-06-28T15:30:05.8675842-05:00
Ok calm down reece cup, don't blow your wad or anybody elses for that matter
reece says2015-06-28T15:32:14.8695278-05:00
I was just getting started;)
coppertop says2015-06-28T15:34:03.3321560-05:00
Oh new Zealand, pretty much the same as brittish , i wonder if you would be upset if i came over there and tried to tear down your flag? So maybe you can understand what is being debated here. And yes your country is prosporus, its not over run with filth so you r lucky. Our country would b better if we adopted the confederate flag.
reece says2015-06-28T15:37:22.9219993-05:00
@coppertop Our flag isn't built on racism and plus we're trying to change it anyway.
coppertop says2015-06-28T15:40:02.2838408-05:00
Well fella's as much as i have enjoyed this little rendezvous, im gonna have to go for now, I got to get to work, I gotta make that money and produce those tax dollars so all the flag haters can have dinner tonite. Later!
GarlicBred24 says2015-06-28T15:43:39.6095444-05:00
Your going to work now, on Sunday. What a load of BS.
Varrack says2015-06-28T15:43:49.6838532-05:00
How on earth would we be better if we adopted the Confederate flag. There's no logic behind that.
tajshar2k says2015-06-28T15:44:42.8527552-05:00
Logic and the South do not go together...
PericIes says2015-06-28T17:44:37.9446538-05:00
Coppertop, you are obviously a troll. Don't be so obvious. And, ACDC, I suppose that they were American in the sense that they were named the Confederate States of America, but we'll have to agree to disagree about their membership in the U.S. :-)
coppertop says2015-06-28T18:09:21.5010355-05:00
Garlicbread, looking at your profile, I see you are drug addict who wants illegal drugs legalized and you also apparently support the killing of innocent babys but yet you claim religion. So u apparently are 28 years old and spend your time playing video games all day, probably n mom and dads basement, I also c you aren't very good at debates, lol, your opinion doesn't matter to anybody.
tajshar2k says2015-06-28T18:10:20.3981686-05:00
Just saying, people don't always tell the truth on their profile.
coppertop says2015-06-28T18:11:10.9013402-05:00
Pericles, lol, looking at your profile, turns out your a frkn pole smoker, nobody cares about your opinion either
komododragon8 says2015-06-28T18:15:34.6334189-05:00
GarlicBred24 says2015-06-28T18:15:50.2347190-05:00
Perhaps you would like to debate on whether the confederate flag should stay? You know, you shouldn't be talking either. You have 0 debates. No real American would care about your opinion.
reece says2015-06-28T18:17:25.0175426-05:00
@coppertop Do you wanna get back into ad hominems?
coppertop says2015-06-28T18:18:33.5809999-05:00
Tasjar, u aren't even old enuff to flip burgers at mcdonalds and you r tryn to spout words of wisdom, lol
tajshar2k says2015-06-28T18:19:19.2383400-05:00
Ok den.
reece says2015-06-28T18:25:21.2324392-05:00
@coppertop Hows your sister? Have you knocked her up again?
coppertop says2015-06-28T18:25:45.7017880-05:00
Garlicbread, the flag stands because real americans do agree with me, and that's why u r on here tryn to get support, lol, the majority of americans don't like gays, the majority of americans want the flag to fly, the majority of americans probably wouldn't like you, and that's why u r on here, because you know im right, you argue because you want it to b your way, and you kick and scream like little babies, lol, after checking the profiles of the ppl arguing with me on here, it seems they are either children, slackers who live with parents, gays, or ppl that arnt even from this country who just want to stir the pot. The flag at the state house came down for a few minutes b4 it was raised by black folk back to its original spot, 4 more flags were added to the sidewalk, and the ppl who took the flag down were arrested by black cops. Even true black americans support the flag.
coppertop says2015-06-28T18:27:46.6785154-05:00
Heil22, come try
coppertop says2015-06-28T18:29:31.1013243-05:00
Reece, you aren't even from this country and your self proclaimed educated self is tryn to fight racism with insults and slurs, lol, keep them coming my skin is thick, I wont whine like the flag haters.
heil22 says2015-06-28T18:29:58.7168556-05:00
I'm coming right now.
reece says2015-06-28T18:31:16.7263564-05:00
@coppertop yeah, you seem pretty thick.
coppertop says2015-06-28T18:31:56.0119122-05:00
Heil, in a sense all white americans are slaves, we all work to pay taxes so all the little lazys out there can suck up the welfare, tell me, heil, who's gonna support you ppl if we were slaves? Will u run America as efficiently as you have Africa? Lol you r a joke
GarlicBred24 says2015-06-28T18:31:57.0432508-05:00
By majority you mean your inbred savages relatives then okay.
coppertop says2015-06-28T18:32:50.6647636-05:00
Why in Africa are there so many child brides?
coppertop says2015-06-28T18:34:12.9019457-05:00
Heil22, im still waiting, ill make sure I leave the light on for ya
heil22 says2015-06-28T18:34:18.6315736-05:00
Rednecks should be required to pick up cotton, and after we make the profit we nuke dem.
heil22 says2015-06-28T18:35:25.5724609-05:00
I support the mighty American people, in eradicating the redneck filth. We must cleanse the parasite that has infected our beloved America, and show them what real war is like.
coppertop says2015-06-28T18:36:25.5652980-05:00
Heil22, maybe u should require the black Africans who captured other black Africans and sold them into slavery to pick cotton, ya know the ancestors that sold u so they would have money to buy child brides.
reece says2015-06-28T18:37:20.6549578-05:00
@coppertop I could mock the sh_t out of the US but i would be mocking most people on this site.
coppertop says2015-06-28T18:39:12.1779034-05:00
Heil22, lol, we built America and made it the way we want it, and u cant stand it, if u don't like it leave.
heil22 says2015-06-28T18:40:31.1132300-05:00
I'll leave after rednecks are slaves.
coppertop says2015-06-28T18:41:38.0767183-05:00
Heil22, im still waitn
heil22 says2015-06-28T18:43:00.5011040-05:00
Its a long drive. You might have to wait a while. I'm busy capturing rednecks for my cotton plantation.
coppertop says2015-06-28T18:43:07.5846403-05:00
Heil22 guess you're gonna b here awhile considering you r outnumbered about 10-1, and since u don't like America, maybe you need to go to the doc with that Medicaid card I provide 4 ya and get something to help you cope with reality.
coppertop says2015-06-28T18:47:53.9901593-05:00
Heil22, im a little disappointed that u have decided not to come, I was really looking forward to it
heil22 says2015-06-28T18:53:53.6482789-05:00
Don't worry, I'll be there.
coppertop says2015-06-28T18:56:20.3669911-05:00
Heil22, glad you decided to come again :)
heil22 says2015-06-28T18:58:14.2470042-05:00
I was always coming. I just got preoccupied with a few things. It's all for the cause.
coppertop says2015-06-28T19:12:25.5575521-05:00
Heil22, so tell me, when was the last time you picked cotton to be so informed about a cotton plantation? Cuz I really cant tell u the last time I owned a slave, oh yea, it was 200 years ago and only about 1% of the southerners owned slaves, none of which were u, it was the north who flew the flag you salute everyday that was comprised of an army of whom 9/10 owned slaves. LOL, so u hate lee,(lee didn't own a slave) and you embrace Lincoln and Grant( both of whom did own slaves.) You are fighting the wrong flag, but ignorance is nothing new. Oh and let me c you hate me because im (racist), but yet it is u who use the racial slurs. Hmmm, just goes to show where racism. As a matter of fact I would like to personally thank each and every one of the flag haters who proved they were racist against whites with their slurs. Its amazing, I never directed the n word at anyone in this post and yet look how many times I was insulted. So now maybe u understand why I ditched my black friends and decided to b all pro white. Its ppl like you that are creating the hate.
Capitalism101 says2015-06-28T19:17:24.4896287-05:00
@GarlicBred24 Who gives a sh*t that your white or from St. Louis. You have zero relevance to this argument with statements like "#F*cktheSouth". Just GTFO
GarlicBred24 says2015-06-29T07:53:05.3140425-05:00
That comment wasn't even directed towards you, so I don't why your even talking to me. Coppertop seems to think that people who aren't racist are black. So I was just telling him where I'm from.
Capitalism101 says2015-06-29T08:53:55.5662450-05:00
@GarlicBred24 "I'm white, and I'm from St.Louis. If I use FBI statistics, white people are more likely to commit mass murders than blacks. Also, most Americans don't support your evil flag, unless you can prove it. @Capitalism101 You shouldn't be talking." Who said that...?
GarlicBred24 says2015-06-29T08:55:28.2160200-05:00
That was for you saying that the "Comments Section seems more like race slander now".
Capitalism101 says2015-06-29T11:31:53.5510584-05:00
Yea cause i'm true and the discussion isn't even about the flag anymore.
PericIes says2015-06-29T16:11:50.7966761-05:00
Guys, ignore coppertop.
coppertop says2015-06-29T16:45:09.7041348-05:00
Pericles, considering u r still a minor I doubt u have much wisdom of anything, lol, what a fool, living with mom and dad and claims to know about how the world works.
coppertop says2015-06-29T16:50:34.2059751-05:00
Pericles, wait till u grow up and get in the work force, when u start paying taxes to and all your money goes to buying iphones for the minorities who don't work while your kids cant afford one, then maybe u will understand, or when 1 of those black males commit a violent crime against somebody you love, because by statistics, it is more likely to happen than not. Can u look at the previous comments and figure out where racism exists, maybe u will c why I choose to stand up for all of us white folks on here. Im tryn to save your life!
coppertop says2015-06-29T17:01:46.6681463-05:00
I don't know about u but, I like the usa the way its been up until now, I don't want to live in Africa. After all these years of evolution we c how successful Africa is, lol, and after 6 years of Obama we c the defecit triple, do u really want America to become Africa? I don't! How many murders on the news today commited by blacks, I seen a story where a cpl black kids were killed by blacks just shootin down the street. (Black lives matter) Isnt that what they always scream at us? Maybe they need to start spray painting that in the black neighborhoods. I grew up poor, ive never commited a violent crime nor never had the urge, and guess what I never will, so tell me little fella, how can the blacks use that as the excuse for their behavior? The biggest threat to the black race is blacks killing blacks, and yet they make excuses instead of changing it, the look for anything to get out of taking responsablility for that, and that is why we r here having this discussion over this flag. If the confederate flag would ever be banned, u would still c blacks behaving the same way a hundred years from now, if whites left the face of the earth, u would still c blacks behaving the same way ! Get a brain.
PericIes says2015-06-29T17:10:11.2486101-05:00
Obvious troll is obvious.
coppertop says2015-06-29T17:24:06.9722814-05:00
Call me what you will, it still doesn't change "what is". The fate of the flag will not make a difference in the future of the black race. The flag is not oppressing them, keeping them from getting a job or coercing them into a life of crime. If the flag comes down, the world will still be the same, just less in it.
PericIes says2015-06-29T17:27:18.8715717-05:00
Ah, see, you can spell now and form coherent thoughts now. Don't troll so obviously. I'm done with you.
coppertop says2015-06-29T17:32:16.6302254-05:00
Lol, all that from an uneducated minor. Now run along little fella and pick up that video game from gamestop, leave the adult issues to the adults. Lmfao
coppertop says2015-06-29T17:35:09.7822275-05:00
Troll, that's the new word kids use these days, doesn't seem very complex, lol, don't forget your mom left the mr bubble on the sink and the snuggie is on the sofa.
Jack_Parker_The_Historian says2015-06-30T00:20:28.2555853-05:00
It should be voted on by the people of South Carolina, just like this poll :)
morningbird22 says2015-10-06T19:15:35.8350640Z
Racist or not what it comes down to is our rights. I believe its not racist, some people believe it is racist. We have something called freedom of expression. If you think somethings offensive like a flag, then deal with it, not everyone feels the same way you do.

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