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Anonymous says2016-06-09T03:06:33.9896685Z
1 in 25 death row inmates are innocent.
LolKiwi02 says2016-06-09T08:56:31.7385617Z
Killing someone is stupid. It won't deter any psychopath and doesn't act as a punishment or rehab. Also unless you could have a perfect judicial system (which is practically impossible without a time machine) you shouldn't have death penalty because innocent people will always be effected.
iamasuperuser123 says2016-06-09T11:22:51.7257794Z
I agree. I could only condone the death sentence if someone's guilt could be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.
alohagiraffe says2016-06-09T12:43:25.8239660Z
No it should be legal, if someone murders another person they should be killed, unless they give a good reasoning, like if they were framed.
vernitas says2016-06-09T13:40:53.8252215Z
It would seem taking a human life is acceptable only in self defense. All else would be hypocritical. Also the death penalty is applied far more likely to certain social levels. Often those of higher social status escape such punishment.
lightseeker says2016-06-09T14:22:57.8289205Z
In Islam, death penalty exists. But the life of the criminal is in the hands of the family of the person killed. Meaning they can forgive him, or take some money from him and then free him, or insist on his death. Of course this is only for when a person kills another person and no other crime is involved. Other than that, the penalty for major crimes won't be forgiven. After all, a dead person can't come back to life and simply insisting of the death or imprisonment, might do the family of the deceased no good.
TRUEandHONESTuser says2016-06-15T23:59:35.6756751Z
People who have committed atrocious crimes beyond a shed of a doubt should be executed. Serial killers and terrorists need to be executed to soften the burden of evil.
maslow says2016-08-03T16:56:58.4758193Z
Yes, it is a huge expense on the tax payer.
Anonymous says2016-08-04T03:49:01.2212756Z
Guilty people might deserve to die. But to many innocents have been put on death row to take that risk.

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