Should the death penalty be legal?

Posted by: jimmmy

The death penalty takes lives, but how many does it save?

  • Yes, the death penalty should be legal.

  • No, the death penalty should not be legal.

57% 25 votes
43% 19 votes
  • The death penalty has already been on a decreasing trend in the US over the past decade. It costs a lot and to many is morally wrong. But if, lets say a family, wants to seek the death penalty for someone how murdered a love one, I won't stop them.

  • heck yes

    Posted by: BIGC
  • If they know that they could die from their activities, they'll slow down.

  • Measure for measure, a killer should be killed. Not only does it serve as retribution, but it also frightens the public into committing crimes.

    Posted by: talmid
  • 1: It's way to costly to put someone in jail for life. 2: If someone is sentenced to life in jail, they probably deserve to die. 3: Only administer the death penalty if we are 100% sure they did it. 4: That is all.

    Posted by: mvig
  • Economically, capital punishment is a better option than life without parole. And the death penalty might be necessary in certain circumstances; what if someone is too dangerous to be left alive?

  • Some people just do not need to be around anymore, and they need to pay for their crimes. They need to make sure that the person is actually innocent though.

  • Murderers kill innocent people so what gives them the right to live. If you kidnap someone and keep them in your possession, the state does the same thing with this thing called prison. Punishment must fit the crime. Plus, in prison, while mourning families are torn over someone's death, the guilty party will be up the river playing basketball and not paying taxes; what a horrible punishment for such a horrible crime, huh?

  • Yes, and used.

  • It should be legal for people like Osama though.

  • What happens if the person who is sentenced to death, actually didn't commit the crime. There have been many cases where someone was executed of a crime that they didn't commit. Ex: Jesse Tafero(1990), David Wayne Spencer(1997), Larry Griffin(1995) and many more. And many people would be in jail for a long time, serving a long term sentence, and getting out early due to wrongful sentencing.

  • Ya, cause it's makes a difference right? Somehow killing him will magically solve everything.

  • It is very expensive to execute people. The only exception I can think of is for a prisoner who still poses a threat to others even when put in the highest security prisons.

  • It should only be legal for terroist,i know people who has murdered someone has to get the death penalty,but they have a life to,and everyone deserves a chance to make a change and be good

  • They can be much more useful in the gulag >:D

  • Do you rape a rapest? Do you kill people who killed to prove killing is wrong? And, do we have the right to call the ISIS bad if we are doing the same thing to our own citizens? I believe that no one should ever be the one to decided life and death. Only our creator has the authority to decide the ending of one's life.

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BIGC says2015-10-22T22:40:30.8165175Z
Yes it should

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