Should the European Union have a Constitution?

Posted by: Zylorarchy

I found an "opinion" about this, but I don't know how old it is and would like people's views on it.

  • Yes it should

  • No it should not

25% 3 votes
75% 9 votes
  • No, this is a step too far. It would unjustifiably invalidate national constitutions and take EU centralisation too far to the point where it could be very harmful to certain nations. The EU is an international organisation, not a country.

  • It should be disbanded. Sooner the better.

  • The EU should just remain a trading agreement, if that. This would be a step too far the EU is not and should never the United States of Europe. It has already grown to influential. We should get out of it as soon as possible!

  • People have to stop trying to merge Europe into one single country, there is too much history........The only reason it worked in the US is because the people who had any history there we're killed off- a fresh start.

  • The European Union is trying to take away the countries' sovereignty, and meanwhile causing countries that are out of the EU to nearly collapse (what on earth were they thinking when they said to the Ukraine that they'd be welcome in the EU, while half of that country wants the complete opposite? That is asking for trouble in that country, and the citizens there are experiencing the consequences every single day.) The EU is a failed project and the sooner it gets disbanded, the better for everyone. Let all the countries get their own trade agreements with whoever they want without the attempt to create a super state, like people in a certain World War attempted to achieve too. The countries in the EU are so different, it's an utopia to think that this will work.

  • The EU is not a nation, but an alliance.

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iggy1993 says2014-08-06T16:04:55.8863251-05:00
It's a cancer, killing all form of sovereignty of all it's members, not to mention that it the only one's who benefit from it are the USA...........The sooner we manage to disband it the sooner we get our freedom back!!!!!!!!

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