Should the government continue to support planned parenthood?

Posted by: batmanisminecx

  • Yes

  • No

35% 9 votes
65% 17 votes
  • You can't just keep giving birth to children off your time of acceptability It is necessary that you plan children and lead a sane life

  • Planned Parenthood is a full range OB/GYN clinic for women in lower economic areas. They screen for STD's, provide birth control options, and preform abortions. Regardless of what the public ASSUMES, Medicare and Medicade pay less than 30% of the total cost of a medical appointment. Hospitals and clinics can't stay open when there isn't enough money to cover the costs to keep the buildings open, or to pay their staff anything. It's cheaper for the consumer and the GOVERNMENT to keep clinics like Planned Parenthood and free clinics in business than having month long waiting lines to see a physician.

  • Healthy, informed citizens (men & women) will reduce abortions! Birth control protects lives and is positive for our economy. Unplanned pregnancies cost businesses money and negatively affect women in the workplace. It also PREVENTS ABORTIONS. If you really are pro-life, you should be pro-planned parenthood.

  • PP is an utter waste of government money, and should be privatized.

  • waste

  • No organization that kills babies for profit should get a single penny of our tax money.

  • How about community health centers that don't do abortions but provide birth control, cancer screenings ect

    Posted by: Dilara
  • People need to be responsible for their own sex lives. That includes contraceptives and the consequences of unprotected sex. This government just keeps growing bigger and bigger because of too many irresponsible people who want to make everyone else pay for whatever they want. It's drowning this country and needs to stop.

  • Complete waste of money. Evil corporation.

  • Evil organization. Don't use tax money to pay for PP to murder.

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justsayinalot says2016-08-05T17:12:49.6811064Z
It didn't let me comment when I voted.. Anyway, guys, "Three percent of all Planned Parenthood health services are abortion services." They provide healthcare for STDs, preemptive pregnancies (birth control), and breast cancer. They also provide parenthood services and sex ed. They're a good resource to have.
justsayinalot says2016-08-05T18:37:24.9974398Z
Whoops. I didn't vote... And then I accidentally did vote for the other side.

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