Should the government or the people make laws?

Posted by: Sciencenerd6288

In a lot of countries the government determines the laws, not the majority of the people. Should the people make laws? Or should the government continue to write the laws?

  • The majority of people

  • The government

52% 11 votes
48% 10 votes
  • There should be no leaders in government. Hierarchies are inherently problematic and should be stamped out. The people are the ones who should determine the law.

  • I Pick The People Just For The Simple Fact Of The Matter Of Who Is Following The Law Which Are People. Im Pretty Sure The Government Wouldn't Want To Follow Laws Made By The People So Its Simple Fairness.

  • Who trusts the goverment anyway?

  • The government is corrupt

  • If you let the people purely make the laws. It's going to be Mob Rule. Some people would make laws to get their own benefits like for example: "Reducing Tax to 0% and making all public transport free for 9000 years" that would be disastrous. Let the people elect representatives that will upheld the values of the people but preventing them from forcing a bill to get free candy

  • Although the government is undoubtedly corrupted by one of the multiple ugly sides of Capitalism, I find that if we turn to mob rule, the majority could change laws solely for their terms and conditions, rather than everyone's. If we find a way to lesser corrupt politicians, we can have a democratic society in which those who lead us are experts. Do we really want the uneducated making laws in our countries? The vote for a person of intellect to represent their ideals should be enough. Mob rule would simply bring back many problems we've tried to abolish over the years.

  • This poll just proves that the people are too dumb to make the right decisions. Managing a country is incredibly complex. It requires numerous amounts of teams of proffesionals and other people who are well experienced in the matter. Then, there are hundreds of even more highly educated people who vote on the matter. America has a Supreme Court and Congress to make sure that no bad laws are passed. However, these politicians are often bought out by banks. To fix this, we need to limit the amount of donations that can be donated, rather then getting rid of the government entirely. The government are the ones who will fix your problems. During the Great Depression, it wasn't the people who fixed it; it was the central government. Picture this. You're 15 and you have been put into a hiking expedition. You're with a group of people who are of average to dumb intelligence levels. Halfway through the hike, you and your team are faced with two paths. One path is beautiful, pleasing and appears to be very promising. The other is dark, lifeless and overrun by weeds and cobwebs. Your team decide to vote on which way to go. You, the only intelligent one, know that the dark route is the correct way to go and that the green route would get the team lost. The vote takes place and almost everyone (but you) unknowingly voted to go the wrong way. Now, your group have got lost because they voted wrong. Hopefully you now understand why it takes experienced people to make the important decisions rather than the people. Additionally, in an anarchist country, the people would end up being lied to by the impartial media and then making up their own conclusion without all the details. The people would vote for what they want and not what they need. Today's society was built with hierarchy. We, the people, need a leader to guide us when we are lost. Hierarchy is reflected throughout nature; it's human nature.

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liam2002 says2016-11-23T22:43:35.8103873Z
WereWrath says2016-11-24T01:05:23.3399718Z
I Pick The People Just For The Simple Fact Of The Matter Of Who Is Following The Law Which Are People. Im Pretty Sure The Government Wouldn't Want To Follow Laws Made By The People So Its Simple Fairness.
Heterodox says2016-11-24T06:34:23.1753818Z
The government is of the people. So, the question doesn't make sense.
WereWrath says2016-11-25T23:15:08.4356497Z
The Goverment Is Generally Known As The People But Look Deeper The Goverment Is Run By People Not From The United States But United Kingdoms Instead. If Need Prove Look Up Who The Federal Reserve Really Is.
Mharman says2016-11-29T14:01:26.9725229Z
Third party option: The government of the people, by the people, and for the people.
WereWrath says2016-11-29T20:18:30.3222474Z
Mharman I 100% Agree If Only They Followed Their Own Rules

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