Should the government provide greater university grants?

Posted by: PetersSmith

A university grants is where the state covers some or all of the tuition fees for university students.

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Yes, the government should cover all university tuition fees

More than a dozen colleges offer free tuition to all students. The colleges don't charge any tuition, but most do charge for room and board and there are other incidental expenses (e.G., books, supplies and equipment, transportation, health insuranc... e, personal expenses), so loans are still required, just not as frequently or as much. Many of these colleges require all students to work. Several of these colleges are located in rural and remote areas   more
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No, the government should not provide university grants

The students should be forced to pay for all of the tuition fees. This is to promote capitalism, discourage state universities, and promote private universities. The poor will likely be more uneducated and the elite will most likely be more educated... . This is a good thing because the elite are more competent than the poor and middle class   more
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No, the government's university grants are fine as they are

The government's university grants are fine as is. The government doesn't need to dish out more money.
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Yes, they should cover some of the university tuition fees

University grants help improve the average Literacy rate, raise the amount of Middle Earnings, and are favored by the State Employees who work in state-run colleges and Parents, who can now better afford to send their children to college.
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Yes, they should cover a vast majority/most of college tution fees

Many people are reluctant to go to college because of the impending crippling debt. These students enter college and then come out with a debt that they cannot pay. There are also cases where college prices are just too high for students and/or pare... nts to afford and thus the students can't go to college. College is usually the place to go if you wish to get a higher-end job   more
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No, the government should provide little university grants

The government needs to spend their money on more important things. Besides, Universities don't matter in the long-run anyway.
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No, the government should force students to pay more if they choose to go to college

The government should force students to pay more for college. This will prevent the poor from attending colleges, the middle class will have great difficulty, while the wealthy elite will be able to afford it. This could and will cause a radical twi... st in the nation's education and eventually state schools will be removed completely. However, in the long run this could also increase the numbers of the rich do to them being the only ones her are educated   more
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PetersSmith says2014-08-11T23:18:01.6438748-05:00
SenatorZhen: They aren't changing the actual college, they're just covering more of the cost of the tuition for students.
SenatorZhen says2014-08-12T11:58:53.7967710-05:00
Wouldn't that lead to higher taxes?
PetersSmith says2014-08-12T15:16:46.6078899-05:00
SenatorZhen: It depends. Taxes could be one way to handle it, or they could cut funding, or just not do anything at all.

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