Should the government support a separation of church and state by removing references to God on money, federal buildings, and national monuments?

Posted by: RyanShakiba

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No, religion is an important aspect of our country’s history

15 votes
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Yes, but do not waste money removing existing references

13 votes

Yes, it creates a bias against religions that do not believe in God

6 votes

No, as long as it does not reference a specific religion

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Danjos162 says2017-01-27T06:01:52.4557882Z
The whole purpose is to not make people believe a certain religion. Putting up phrases and monuments does not force people to believe in God therefore the government can put whatever they want
John_C_1812 says2017-02-11T21:49:26.5932111Z
Separation of Church and State is a Constitutional process of separation which takes place on a word State plus the State of governing. One can be done on a judicial level in a Court of law, the other outside a Court of law with a declaration of a common defense. Some-one may have allowed the entry of the phrase at one time for religious reasons. It does not mean the republic may not alter justify representation proving the letters GOD to be an Axiom outside religion. Meaning it is not religious at all and only presumed or accused publicly to be held only a religious definition by use of governing. Equal representation is nothing to be denied lightly which is where the illegal activity of the Separation of church and State can be proven to others in a Court of law. Representation. The Separation of church and State can be used to identify a religious formation. Or, it can be used as a common defense publicly to insure equal representation under law. It is an impartial open door. (One nation Under Principle, a general guide to the common defence. 2016) The challenge is does the axiom face a serious threat from being accused of being a religious false profit?
liam2002 says2017-02-14T23:32:18.2281937Z
I think this is an "isidewith" question
liam2002 says2017-02-14T23:33:58.7077937Z
Yes, but do not waste money removing existing references" I think was Hillarys answer It IS isidewith!
AnonymousAthiest says2017-02-15T14:37:17.4067773Z
Unless its to commemorate something specifically religious within our history, it probably shouldn't be there. If its already there, then I wouldn't bother, but we shouldn't put it on new stuff.
0ooooo0ooo says2017-02-17T16:35:48.9964101Z
Yeah, whatever, "Thomas Jefferson supported the Separation of Church and State". So freaking what??! --So did Adolf Hitler!
John_C_1812 says2017-02-24T14:55:31.1904950Z
“So freaking what?” The Numbers GOD on the Federal Reserve Note are not a word. They are the number that can simply be easily mistaken by anyone who sees them as a word. For no other reason than they have only ever heard one side and have made no attempt to hold themselves impartial to a complete truth.
AnonymousAthiest says2017-02-28T17:29:24.2828260Z
"So what?" Separation of church and state is a major part of the 1st amendment and the US as a whole. Multiple founding fathers, including Thomas Jefferson, Tom Paine, and Benjamin Franklin were deists (unaffiliated theists) who agreed in separation of church and state. Also saying that we shouldn't have separation of church and state because Hitler wanted it is like saying we should ban vodka because Stalin drank it.
Womp says2017-03-31T03:28:25.5200885Z
Ripped straight from ISideWith... Lit.

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