Should the government test on prisoners instead of animals?

Posted by: sciguy23

  • Yes

  • No

33% 11 votes
67% 22 votes
  • Innocent animals don't deserve to be tested upon whereas prisoners who are already in line for certain consequences seem a more viable choice for testing.

    Posted by: ffims
  • Criminals do not have the same rights as the citizens do. However, I prefer the appliance of choice.

  • Well, with medicines or similar things, otherwise test on animals

    Posted by: DrBoom
  • Not unless they volunteer and reasonable precautions are taken i.e. you test cell cultures first. If your American this definitely breaches cruel and unusual punishment and is way beyond the acceptable bounds in western European courts.

  • No. All humans, even prisoners (except for the particularly evil ones like child abusers, murderers, etc.), have basic rights.

  • Even the most professional criminal is HUMAN,and by the meaning of being a human its totally against the right of humanity

  • When you consider the amount of people who are falsely convicted, this is a terrible idea because innocent people would be the victims of this testing.

    Posted by: Snazzy
  • Obviously not, this would simply make the problem we currently have worse. It would give many corporations incentive to twist the system so that more people are imprisoned.

  • If you value human life over animal life, this is a one and done situation.

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sciguy23 says2016-09-19T19:18:53.8252114Z
Testing on prisoners will never work.Animals are often specifically used because it can be studied throughout it's lifetime.The average lifetime of a rat is one or two years.The average lifespan of a human is 75 to 80 years.If we used prisoners instead of animals,then the average preclinical drug trial could take over a 100 years.
n24 says2017-01-04T18:58:59.0119334Z
Animals rather than humans
Shelby17 says2018-03-25T03:26:53.9826085Z
Humans rather than animals

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