Should the Internet be censored at schools

Posted by: BriggsHBO

Poll closed on 9/12/2020 at 1:37PM.
  • Yes

  • No

24% 8 votes
76% 26 votes
  • The Internet should only be restricted, which means, for example, that school computers should have access to it, since from there, under the supervision of a parent or guardian, it would be possible to justify its use for research purposes. Access should be blocked from mobile phones, however, as this can only be disabled by blocking the Internet, which can turn off distracting programs such as Facebook and Twitter. If the school Internet is not used, the teachers are also powerless.

  • LOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOL It actually should though.

  • The Internet being censored at school is a little too far. At school, certain websites are blocked which is good but banning the whole internet is too far. at school people use the internet for educational purposes.

  • Technology has a huge role in teaching students. As a student my self I used a computer in three of my 5 classes. If the teachers were to censored the Internet I would have no idea on how we can get so much information as fast as you could with the Internet.

    Posted by: xWasd3
  • I understand not wanting children on Reddit or the Chive or some other website of the sort, but there are also educational websites. It would be better to simply put a filter on certain websites and leave it at that.

  • Censorship in any context is the restriction of freedom of knowledge which is in all cases unethical.

  • Students may need to used banned websites for work

  • Internet not only gives us the evidence we need to educate ourselves, and gives us visuals for things we need to see, but it is a good social source to see how we compare to other people. I use the internet for online studying and talking to people to get feedback. Schools should use technology to help students further their education, especially if it will be a huge part of the rest of our lives. No student wants to go to work not knowing how to use the computers there, some people dedicate their energy for technology, so no schools should not ban the internet.

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Vaarka says2017-09-12T22:46:03.8659543Z
Lol a ton of stuff is blocked on my school laptop
BriggsHBO says2017-09-25T20:27:04.8357553Z
Lol it actually should though.

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