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Yes,all abrahamic religion should be banned.It's a bad reputation to our society.

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No,way !! Religion should not be banned because it would go against constitutional right.

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countdooku says2016-06-14T09:08:54.6304475Z
We should permit public execution for all those religious people.
lanzy says2016-06-14T09:18:20.3129258Z
@ countdooku Yeah,i can't really understand why religion exist throughout human history.I just hope that in the forthcoming new century ,human would be able to grasp that religion is merely a pure brainwash,lunatic testament that become superfluous and should be outlawed forever.
countdooku says2016-06-14T09:20:28.8125969Z
@lanzy It shouldn't only be outlawed but all practice of religious testament merit a capital offense and should be punished by public execution.
lanzy says2016-06-14T09:29:12.4522667Z
@ countdooku Perhaps that would be a great idea.Although i offer electrocution or firing squad as an alternative death penalty,so that they undergo immense of pain before they died in an execution.
stephannoi says2016-06-16T16:09:27.4194170Z
@NewLifeChristian Why you think we should have religion ?Isn't it is merely a brainless brainwash testament ?
stephannoi says2016-06-16T16:11:20.0521390Z
I am an atheist and i hate religion.
KthulhuHimself says2016-06-16T18:05:04.6197652Z
Just looked at these comments, and now I have cancer.
NewLifeChristian says2016-06-18T13:00:17.5124631Z
@stephannoi On the off chance you're not a troll, I suggest you figure out why we should have religion (and why Christianity is the true religion) on your own. I'm not even going to bother arguing with you, because it appears you have an internal prejudice against religion.

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