Should the presidential term limit be extended in the US?

Posted by: TheBilbo1

Should a President of the United States be allowed to stay in office longer than 8 years?

13 Total Votes

No, the presidential term limit should stay as it is

12 votes

Yes, the presidential term limit should be extended

1 vote
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Carolean_Karl says2016-06-03T18:40:43.0770251Z
If anything, it should only be limited to one term so presidents don't focus on getting re-elected instead of doing their job for the fist term. But if that were to become the case, I would want the presidential term to be extended to six years so they have time to do something.
REDtrojan says2016-06-05T22:16:03.3601629Z
When people get too comfortable in power they tend to lean into making questionable choices that would fall in line with breaking the rules

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