Should the right to free speech include the right to offend?

Posted by: hect

  • Yes

  • No

81% 22 votes
19% 5 votes
  • If freedom of speech is offending others or making them think, then it's not being used correctly.

  • You have the right to offend and be offended. D 1ckwad!

  • If someone decides to be racist or whatever, we can keep an eye on them because they will likely commit some crime or join a terrorist group. If we don't allow people to offend, we won't know the radicals to keep an eye on.

  • The point of free speech is to say what you want without being censored, just because someone says "I'm offended" doesn't mean that that person can censor whatever offended them. Whenever someone says "I'm offended" to you, I would recommend replying with "So what?".

  • That is the entire purpose for the existence of the 1st amendment. To be able to say things that other people either don't like or don't agree with without having to fear being persecuted by the government/law. It is absurd to think we should have a law that is there to only protect people's right to say only what everyone likes/agrees with. In case you didn't know, just as people have freedom of speech, you have freedom to listen. If someone says something that offends you, it is your choice to listen to them and your problem alone if it offends you. We are "progressing" into a society of thin-skinned, whiny, entitled, delicate snowflakes with no spines that care more about protecting people's feelings than attacking problems head on to solve anything in any useful way.

  • Yes. That also comes with the right to be sued. And the responsibility any offense will carry.

    Posted by: Ezk
  • Offending people is hurting others. it gives us no right to harm others.

  • It always has and always will. No ones ever been prosecuted in court for offending someone or stopped you from saying it. They may have used their freedom of speech to denounce you for saying it or verbally attack you, they may have if they werw a non givernmental organization bamned or fires you, or the may have been a school where certain things simply cannot be permitted because they are distractions.

    Posted by: Stefy
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blackkid says2015-05-23T08:51:47.2454219-05:00
Depends on context.
Krampus says2015-05-26T10:00:28.3150254-05:00
If you get offended by something someone said, that is on you, no one else. You don't get to have the law come after people because they hurt your precious feelings. I will demonstrate how true this statement is by challenging anyone who disagrees to say WHATEVER they want to me or about me and you can see how offended I get.
debate_power says2015-05-29T17:18:07.0016897-05:00
Why are we arguing about rights if they're already known to be rights?
Krampus says2015-06-01T10:15:11.7941732-05:00
Because many people are more worried about peoples' feelings and their own agenda than securing everyone's individual rights.

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