Should the sales of automatic weapons be banned?

Posted by: TRUEandHONESTuser

Automatic weapons are those in which the trigger of a firearm can be held and cause the weapon to fire continuously (aka: machine gun).

  • Yes

  • No

50% 10 votes
50% 10 votes
  • Nobody needs an automatic weapon. Nobody cares about "2nd Amendment rights", you don't need guns to protect yourself from the government or NATO. As for the old "the bad guys will always get guns" look at places where guns are banned and there's far less gun violence. In most instances anyway there's no time for the "good guy" to whip out his automatic weapon before hes killed anyway. BAN GUNS.

  • I always thought that automatic weapons should stay on the market...until the massacres in California and Florida. This shows that automatics will be used by mass murderers, something I thought was not true. I was wrong. The sales have to stop.

  • Even as a firm 2nd Amendment supporter, I do believe it is unnecessary to have automatic weapons. As semi-automatic, I believe you have every right to possess one.

  • The desire for automatic weapons extend far beyond the realistic necessities of self-defense. Having publicly available automatic (or any) firearms objectively increase the likelihood of homicidal events occurring. In an inclusive manner, is it really logical to allow a fraction of a community to own firearms (let a long automatic) whilst the rest don't? Even if you do find logic in owning a firearm at all, wouldn't automatic firearms stretch it a bit too much?

  • There have been exactly two people killed with automatic weapons since 1934 in the U.S.. That's an average of 0.024 murders per year committed with automatic weapons. Why do they need to be banned?

  • My reason for saying no is in the comments.

    Posted by: Reigon
  • I believe it is unnecessary to own these types of guns, but I vote against banning them because the entire focus is off. If a terrorist shoots a hundred people, do we blame the gun or do we blame the terrorist? I choose the latter. Before we go banning everything, how about we make it so that 91% of suspected terrorists can't pass background checks to buy these guns?

  • There's a reason why we have the Second Amendment.

  • Weapons are available to protect individual liberties under a tyrannic government. Automatic weapons aren't even the main weaponry used to kill. It makes no sense and is unconstitutional to ban them.

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Reigon says2016-06-14T19:02:10.8634476Z
Seriously? Can you guys show some god damn respect for the victims of the Orlando shooting? Now is the time to mourn for our losses not use those losses to pursue personal agendas in politics. Disgusting.
Anonymous says2016-06-15T04:13:05.6595653Z
Automatic weapons ALLREADY ARE BANNED.
Brandon1998 says2016-07-02T15:43:46.9416323Z
Automatic weapons are already banned
NewLifeChristian says2016-07-03T16:27:15.9649350Z
Actually, according to the National Firearms Act, automatic weapons made before 1986 are legal.

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