Should the Sicilian language be recognized?

Posted by: DCPolitical

While countless Sicilians consider the first Romance language a different language than Italian, its status as a language isn't recognized as Sicily is part of Italy. Should it be recognized as its own language?

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Yes, it should be fully recognized as the official language of Sicily.

Schools would teach Sicilian, while also Italian because it is only an autonomous country belonging to Italy. Sicilian would be the main language spoken and written and other countries will recognize it as a language.
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Yes, it should be recognized, but only recognized.

Countries, including Italy, would recognize Sicilian as its own language, but Italian will remain the prominent language in Sicily.
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No, it should not be recognized at all.

Sicilians should speak Italian, and not be able to have a separate language. No efforts will be made to preserve the language.
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