Should the song Ring Around The Rosie be made illegal?

Posted by: face1995

It's a song that practically makes fun of the Black Bubonic Death Plague. For details, check it out online. Multiple sources flood the internet with what that song means line by line. Especially when it says "we all fall down" it means that death begins as all people die.

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Freedom of speech has the right to violate others right to happiness and liberty and justifies bullying and humiliation of any kind no matter the degree. By the way, we learn to grow up either the easy way or the hard way.
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I'm not sure.

I am debating on whether the constitution limits itself by having some laws set a cloud over another.
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Teach little kids at school why we shouldn't sing it. Freedom of speech is reasonably limited by having hate speech and bullying be prohibited to prevent violating others' right to happiness and liberty.
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Stefy says2015-03-06T06:07:34.8064608-06:00
Yeah thats exactly what the songs about. So why exactly do you want to ban it? This is ridiculous.
TheLadyofTheInternet says2015-03-06T07:30:53.2000551-06:00
How can someone get offended like "Hey man my brother died in the plague have some respect"
Renegader says2015-03-06T11:14:28.7133305-06:00
Pretty sure I am one of few people on this site with the ability to detect trolls

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