Should the Southern States of America have a Devolved Parliament to represent the South?

Posted by: Chris96

  • Yes - The Southern States of America should have a Devolved Parliament.

  • No - The Southern States of America should not have a Devolved Parliament.

45% 10 votes
55% 12 votes
  • No, they already have state governments and there would be no point to a "Southern Parliament"

  • They have state governments and they have representatives in Congress. They don't need a parliament.

    Posted by: Bob13
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58539672 says2016-02-12T16:19:44.7060430Z
This actually brings up an interesting point. With the ever increasing population rate and the same system for representation in Congress, our nation is becoming less and less democratic by the year (a seat in the HOR went from representing around 33,000 people at our nations founding to 700,000 in 2012. The founders proposed a maximum ratio of 1 to 50,000, so we have already passed that mark). One way to fix this is to increase the size of Congress, but another (arguably more long term solution) is to add another layer of government to the Local-State-Federal system we already have (maybe District or Region or something) were some (but not all) of the Federal governments power is given to this District level government.
briantheliberal says2016-02-13T04:40:57.3556287Z
Nope. The last time the South segregated themselves, it was to get away with blatantly treating blacks (and others) like second class citizens.
sakiusa says2016-02-14T16:03:01.2020914Z
We need to resort back to a real Republic, not one that is centralized in the hands of DC.
58539672 says2016-02-14T17:06:16.0796902Z
And surprising to no one, briantheliberal turns a topic on political structure and representation into a race issue.
Anonymous says2016-02-14T17:09:53.6074846Z
@58539672 as all Liberals do.
Chris96 says2016-02-15T18:10:48.5997662Z
@briantheliberal - This is a question on political structure, not race, or ethnicity issues. On the not of race, and ethnicity however, there is no evidence, that I know of, that suggest that a Devolved Southern Parliament would be racist.
Chris96 says2016-02-15T18:12:09.6110855Z
Excuse the spelling mistake, the word should be 'note', instead of 'not'.

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